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Richard & Hinda Rosenthal Symposium: Behaviour change to improve health for all

09.00, Thursday 17 January 2019

Wellcome Collection

183 Euston Road London

On 17 January 2019, the U.S. National Academy of Medicine and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences co-hosted the 2019 Richard & Hinda Rosenthal Symposium, titled ‘Behaviour change to improve health for all.’  

The agenda, key messages document and the speakers' presentations can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page. View pictures from the day here and watch talks from the symposium below:

During three sessions, the Symposium focused on how cutting edge science in neurobiology and expanding knowledge about the factors influencing decision making involving the overconsumption of food and alcohol, obesity, and tobacco and drug use can lead to more effective interventions and policies to improve health and health equity across diverse populations. Specifically, through keynote presentations and panel sessions, the Symposium explored:

  • The neurobiology of behaviour and decision making, and how developing knowledge could translate into more effective interventions.Read the blog.
  • Lessons learned from examples of successful interventions that have targeted the physical, social, and/or behavioural environments to alter behavioural patterns and reduce health inequities. Read the blog.
  • The potential roles for emerging technologies and complex system approaches to encourage healthy decision-making and improve the health of populations. Read the blog.

A further aim of the symposium was to foster and strengthen scientific partnerships between the UK and US, enabled by the meeting and a networking reception.



  • Professor Paul Aveyard, Professor of Behavioural Medicine, University of Oxford
  • Professor Todd Hare, Associate Professor of Neuroeconomics and Human Development, University of Zurich
  • Professor Felicia Hill-Briggs, Professor of Medicine and Senior Director of Population Health Research and Development, Johns Hopkins University and Medicine; Immediate Past President, American Diabetes Association
  • Professor Bruce Y. Lee, Associate Professor of International Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Executive Director, Global Obesity Prevention Center, Johns Hopkins
  • Professor Dame Theresa Marteau DBE FMedSci, Director, Behaviour and Health research Unit, Director of Studies for Psychological and Behavioural Science, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Susan Michie FMedSci, Professor of Health Psychology, Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London
  • Professor Greg Miller, Louis W. Menk Professor of Psychology and co-Director of Foundations of Health Research Center, Northwestern University 
  • Professor Marcus Munafo, Professor of Biological Psychology, University of Bristol
  • Dr Wendy Nilsen (Presentation not given as speaker unable to attend), Program Director, Smart and Connected Health, National Science Foundation
  • Professor Harry Rutter, Professor of Global Public Health, University of Bath
  • Professor Barbara Sahakian FBA FMedSci, Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Marlene Schwartz, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, University of Connecticut; Director, Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
  • Professor Martin White, Programme Lead for Dietary Public Health Research, Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR), MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Lucy Yardley, Professor of Health Psychology, Centre for Applications of Health Psychology, University of Southamptonand School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol


Steering committee

The U.S. National Academy of Medicine and the UK Academy of Medical Sciences are most grateful to The Hinda and Richard Rosenthal Foundation for its continued support of this symposium, and to the steering committee who have guided its aims and agenda:

  • Dr Alan I. Leshner (Co-Chair), CEO Emeritus, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Professor Dame Theresa Marteau DBE FMedSci (Co-Chair), Director of Behaviour and Health Research Unit, University of Cambridge and Director of Studies for Psychological and Behavioural Science, Christ’s College, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Nancy E. Adler, Professor of Medical Psychology, Departments of Psychiatry and Pediatrics, and Director, Center for Health and Community, University of California
  • Professor Huda Akil, Gardner Quarton Distinguished University Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry and Co-Director, The Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan
  • Dr Robb Rutledge, Principal Research Associate, Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research, University College London
  • Professor Harry Rutter, Professor of Global Public Health, University of Bath

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