The Academy's one-to-one Mentoring programme provides post-doctoral and independent biomedical and health researchers with career development support by pairing them with an Academy Fellow or senior academic.


If you are interested in getting involved in our Mentoring programme, follow the relevant tabs below to learn more about eligibility, the resources available and the support we offer to both mentees and mentors. Additionally, you can read what the mentees and mentors themselves have to say about the programme.

We promote an enabling, non-directive approach to help mentees make critical decisions through the developmental model of mentoring. Mentors provide a framework for making career choices and act as a signpost to information and resources.

The paperwork associated with the scheme is purposely kept to a minimum, however, the office contacts mentees from time to time to confirm that the relationship is active and working, and to provide support, where necessary.



We recommend that all early-career researchers consider finding a mentor to support their development; this may be done informally through meeting people at networking opportunities that you keep in touch with, or formally through mentoring programmes. Our programme has funding to support people at some of the critical points in their career with mentoring from our Fellowship.


For post-doctoral and independent clinical researchers:

  • NIHR funded Clinician Scientists, Clinical Lecturers, including locally recognised clinical lecturers, and any other fully NIHR funded medical or dental trainees at post-doctoral level or above, including awards such as PDF, CDF and ACFs who already have a PhD.
  • Clinician Scientist Fellows.

  • Starter Grants for Clinical Lecturers applicants are invited to participate in the Academy's one-to-one Mentoring programme regardless of the outcome of their application.


For post-doctoral and independent non-clinical researchers:

  • MRC funded Career Development Award holders, Skills Development Fellows, New Investigator Research Grant and Programme Leader Track positions, and other senior fellowships.
  • Medical Research Foundation funded fellows and Emerging Leaders Prize Winners.
  • Springboard and Newton International Fellowship applicants are invited to participate in the Academy's one-to-one Mentoring programme regardless of the outcome of their application.


For PhD students:

The Academy’s Mentoring programme is currently only open to post-doctoral researchers. Many universities already have internal mentoring programmes for students and we strongly encourage you to make the most of your existing professional network for the necessary career support. To find out more information on starting your own mentoring scheme, visit the Mentoring Catalysis webpage.

All researchers are welcome to attend many of the Academy’s Career Development events, which feature inspiring talks from Fellows of the Academy and other more senior researchers, networking opportunities and the chance to enhance the ‘soft skills’ that support your research activity.

You might also be interested in signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter, which advertises upcoming events, funding calls and other opportunities for early-career researchers, please add your details here.


Interested in joining the programme?

  • To start the process, please contact us at
  • If you would like to find out more about the programme and developmental mentoring, our free Mentoring Masterclasses provide information, training and support for both mentees and mentors.

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