FORUM reports

We summarise all our FORUM events in a meeting report, providing an enduring resource for informing future discussions and policy. Reports cover a diverse range of topics, and provide an important repository for the Academy and our partners. For a full list of both historical and upcoming FORUM events, please see our FORUM events page.


Bolstering UK health and life sciences innovation through cross-sector collaboration - full report

Understanding pregnancy: Accelerating the development of new therapies for pregnancy-specific conditions


2023 FORUM Sir Colin Dollery Lecture report: How to innovate in health – applying implementation sciences

Accelerating safe and effective adoption of artificial intelligence in the healthcare system - full report

Enabling greener biomedical research - full report

The contribution of cross-sector mobility to the sustainability of health research in the UK (This workshop report is a supporting document to the broader working group project on 'Future-proofing UK health research: a people-centred, coordinated approach'.)


2022 FORUM Sir Colin Dollery Annual Lecture: Pharmacogenomics, personalisation and public health

Chronic pain: experimental medicine and clinical insights

Antimicrobial resistance research: learning lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic - full report

Antimicrobial resistance research: learning lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic - short summary 

Clinical trials for rare and ultra-rare diseases - executive summary, innovations & proposed next steps

Clinical trials for rare and ultra-rare diseases - summary for people living with rare conditions

Clinical trials for rare and ultra-rare diseases - full workshop report

Diagnostics: building capacity and capability in the UK - short summary

Diagnostics: building capacity and capability in the UK - full report


2021 FORUM Sir Colin Dollery Lecture: Showcasing the UK's scientific contributions to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic

Advances in antimicrobial innovation

Advancing regulatory science for innovative medical products

Building a sustainable UK diagnostics sector

Multimorbidity: Cross-sector opportunities for developing new interventions for patients with multiple long-term conditions

Precision prevention for modifiable health risks: Steps to achieving personalised preventive healthcare

Women's health: a life course approach - full report

Women's health: a life course approach - short summary


2020 FORUM Annual Lecture - Technology for sustainable health and social care

Public involvement and engagement in research during the COVID-19 pandemic

Healthy ageing


Shaping the future training and employment environment for clinical research

2019 FORUM Annual Lecture - The promise of human genome editing for rare and genetic disease

Adaptive trials - acceptability, utility and versatility

The future of gene therapies: next steps for the UK



2018 FORUM Annual Lecture - Transforming health through engineering and technology

Delivering novel therapies in the 21st century

Next steps for using real world evidence

Accelerating the translation of early detection and diagnosis research in cancer

Bridging the preclinical-clinical boundary



The mind-body interface - 2017 FORUM Annual Lecture

Accelerating access to medical innovation: a research agenda for innovation science

Oncology endpoints in clinical research

Personalised psychiatry

Digital maturity of local health and social care systems: the industry perspective

Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to severe asthma

Geographical clusters: a vision for the future


Regulation and governance of health research: five years on

Influencing the trajectories of ageing

Health economics for stratified medicine

The UK drug discovery landscape

FORUM Annual Lecture 2016 - What can academia do to improve productivity in the NHS?

Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to cardiovascular disease


Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to diabetes

Real world evidence

Stratified, personalised or 'P4' medicine

Geographical clusters

FORUM Annual Lecture 2015 -  A vision for the UK life sciences sector


Health apps: regulation and quality control

Patient adherence to medicines

Open innovation in the NHS

FORUM Annual Lecture 2014 -  Horizon scanning: looking ahead to 2025

Data in safe havens


FORUM Annual Lecture 2013 - The changing pharmaceutical industry and the opportunity for precision medicine


FORUM Annual Lecture 2012 - Frameworks for the regulation of medicinal products: opportunities and challenges


FORUM Annual Lecture 2010 - The importance of regulatory science to the healthcare portfolio

FORUM Annual Lecture 2008 - The UK pharmaceutical industry - what does the future hold?


FORUM Annual Lecture 2007 - The highs and lows of academic industrial collaborations

FORUM Symposium - Optimizing stratified medicines R&D: addressing scientific and economic issues


FORUM Annual Lecture 2006 - The human genome: realising pharmaceutical opportunities

FORUM Symposium - Drug discovery


FORUM Annual Lecture 2005 - Cancer research in the UK: areas of optimism and concern


FORUM Annual Lecture 2004 - Can Europe compete in biomedical research?

FORUM Symposium - Medicines for children 


FORUM Annual Lecture 2003: Pharmacogenetics - personalised safety and segmented efficacy

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