FORUM reports

Listed below are links to reports from previous FORUM events, including lectures, symposia, workshops and round table meetings. Please see our FORUM events page for details of upcoming meetings. 


Oncology endpoints in clinical research

Personalised psychiatry

Digital maturity of local health and social care systems: the industry perspective

Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to severe asthma

Geographical clusters: a vision for the future


Regulation and governance of health research: five years on

Influencing the trajectories of ageing

Health economics for stratified medicine

The UK drug discovery landscape

FORUM Annual Lecture 2016 - What can academia do to improve productivity in the NHS?

Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to cardiovascular disease


Exemplar clinical pathways for a stratified approach to diabetes

Real world evidence

Stratified, personalised or 'P4' medicine

Geographical clusters

FORUM Annual Lecture 2015 -  A vision for the UK life sciences sector


Health apps: regulation and quality control

Patient adherence to medicines

Open innovation in the NHS

FORUM Annual Lecture 2014 -  Horizon scanning: looking ahead to 2025

Data in safe havens


FORUM Annual Lecture 2013 - The changing pharmaceutical industry and the opportunity for precision medicine


FORUM Annual Lecture 2012 - Frameworks for the regulation of medicinal products: opportunities and challenges


FORUM Annual Lecture 2010 - The importance of regulatory science to the healthcare portfolio

FORUM Annual Lecture 2008 - The UK pharmaceutical industry - what does the future hold?


FORUM Annual Lecture 2007 - The highs and lows of academic industrial collaborations

FORUM Symposium - Optimizing stratified medicines R&D: addressing scientific and economic issues


FORUM Annual Lecture 2006 - The human genome: realising pharmaceutical opportunities

FORUM Symposium - Drug discovery


FORUM Annual Lecture 2005 - Cancer research in the UK: areas of optimism and concern


FORUM Annual Lecture 2004 - Can Europe compete in biomedical research?

FORUM Symposium - Medicines for children 

Staff leads

Symposium on medical imaging and artificial intelligence

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Real world evidence scoping roundtable

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Human Challenge Studies workshop

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