Ordinary Fellows

Ordinary Fellows of the Academy are elected for exceptional contributions to the medical sciences either in the form of original discovery or of sustained contributions to scholarship.

Candidates are drawn from clinical academic medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, laboratory science, medical and nursing care and other professions allied to medical science.

The majority of candidates will be selected primarily for their outstanding contribution to the advancement of medical science, or for the application of existing scientific knowledge or understanding in an innovative way, so as to bring about advances in human health and welfare.

A smaller number of candidates may be elected who have made an outstanding contribution in other ways:

  • Those who have made a contribution to medical science by leadership, inspiration or the furtherance of medical science in a senior management or administrative capacity.
  • Those who have raised the public understanding or appreciation of medical science.
  • Those who in other ways have rendered a conspicuous service to medical science.

Click here to view directory information on the Academy's Ordinary Fellows.

Our Fellowship

  • There are currently 1094 Fellows of the Academy
  • 520 non-clinical (48%) and 570 clinical (52%) – (4 unknown)
  • 932 male (85%) and 162 female (15%)

Find out more about the Academy report, "Representation of women in the Fellowship".

Age range Total % of total
35-50 82 8%
51-65 597 55%
Over 65 409 37%
Unknown 6 0.5%

Geographic spread of Fellows


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