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Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellowship may be awarded to exceptional individuals whose fellowship would bring distinction to the Academy.

Such individuals will have given distinguished service to the cause of medical science and its applications, or brought great benefits to science and healthcare, but will not normally have the achievements of the kind required of candidates elected as Ordinary Fellows, or in other ways will not fulfil the eligibility criteria to be elected as Ordinary Fellows.

Honorary Fellows are elected to the Academy at the Annual General Meeting in December each year and may use the FMedSci post-nominal.  They are not eligible to participate in the Fellowship elections or to vote on Academy business.   

Nominations for Honorary Fellowship may be made by Ordinary Fellows and shall be submitted to the Nominations Committee, in writing, at any time during the year. Nominations should include the name, title, profession, qualifications, nationality, date of birth and usual place of residence of the candidate together with a note of the principal grounds on which the nomination is made. 

All nominations submitted will be considered by the Nominations Committee who will prepare a shortlist for consideration by Council in October. Council will agree a final list for submission to the Fellowship at the Annual General Meeting.  

The Nominations Committee will identify candidates for Honorary Fellowship in consultation with Council, Honorary Officers, Academy staff and whoever it so determines. In doing so the Committee will pay heed to its responsibility to promote and advance diversity in the Fellowship, actively exploring the many different paths that can lead to excellence.

The Committee will propose to Council individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria:

i. Have made a significant contribution to science, outside the conventional scope of biomedical and health research, e.g. in engineering, physical sciences, social sciences and beyond.
ii. Are outstanding overseas biomedical and health researchers, usually recipients of major international prizes or awards.
iii. Prominent leaders in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical devices sectors, but who do not have the scientific achievements required for Ordinary Fellowship. iv. Policymakers (including Ministers, Parliamentarians or officials) who have been involved in UK and/or international policy around science, medical research or healthcare.
v. Demonstrated outstanding organisational or sector-wide leadership in the governance or administration of biomedical and health research, for instance via regulatory agencies, arms-length bodies or charitable organisations.
vi. Philanthropists who have made outstanding contributions to medical science in the public interest.
vii. Have made outstanding contributions to strengthening the relationship between science and society through their role in the media or digital communications, public engagement and involvement, or the co-production of research.
viii. Exceptional leadership in advancing and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in biomedical and health research and a more positive research culture in the UK.

Click here to view directory information on the Academy's Honorary Fellows.

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