Networking Grants

The awards provide up to £25,000 over one year to support collaborations between researchers in other countries and the UK, and to hold networking events aimed at strengthening global research capacity.

Key dates

Applications for round one are closed. 

Round two will open in autumn 2024.


The Networking Grants scheme allows researchers from across disciplines and countries, working with researchers based in the UK, to hold networking events, forge new links and generate innovative transdisciplinary research ideas. Our goal is that these new networks will be well positioned to compete for larger grants offered in the future. The scheme has two funding streams: one for a selection of developed countries, and another for a selection of countries on the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) list of Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipients, to include the Least Developed Countries. Please see the tabs below for more information on each stream.

We are pleased to be working with the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Royal Society to offer Networking Grants funded through the International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF).

This will allow UK-based researchers and innovators to collaborate with international partners on multidisciplinary projects. Furthermore, it will help the UK and its partners to deliver bigger, better science than one country can do alone.

The grants will help to:

  • Deliver important science that can only be fully realised by working internationally.
  • Tackle global challenges and develop future technologies, positioning UK researchers and innovators at the heart of global solutions.
  • Enable international partners to collaborate in an agile way.
  • Strengthen the influence and connections of the UK Research and Development (R&D) community domestically and around the world.

Recent Awardees

Dr Claudia Suemoto (Universidade de Sao Paulo) and Professor Matthew Prina (Newcastle University) 
Brazil-UK Network on Healthy Aging and Inequalities

Dr Ponnusamy Subramaniam (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) and Dr Jennifer NW Lim (University of Wolverhampton) 
An interdisciplinary research network for dementia: Paving the way to transform prevention and timely diagnosis for dementia in Malaysia 

 Professor Adrian Brink (University of Cape Town) and Professor Hermine Mkrtchyan (University of West London) 
UK-South Africa partnership on Biovigilance utilising next-generation sequencing technology across the One Heath continuum 

Dr Quan Nguyen (Hanoi University of Civil Engineering) and Dr Ruoyu Jin (Brunel University London) 
Integrating digital transformation and circular economy for decarbonised construction & demolition waste diversion: enhancing Vietnam and UK’s research & practice (AIRINESS) 

Dr Daniel Maitethia Memeu (Meru University of Science and Technology) and Professor Pietro Cicuta (University of Cambridge) 
Advancing Microscopy and Image Analysis: OpenFlexure Workshops for Research Innovation 

Professor Silvia Figueiredo Costa (Universidade de Sao Paulo) and Professor Gwenda Hughes (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) 
STI-Net: Reducing transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and STI antimicrobial resistance in Brazil: Harnessing molecular testing technologies to develop sustainable digital innovations in service delivery and the public health response 

Dr Umme Aminun Naher (Bangladesh Rice Research Institute) and Professor Joanne Smith (University of Aberdeen) 
Innovation in recycling organic wastes for low-cost and labour-efficient soil improvement in South Asia 

Dr Quan Nguyen (Hanoi University of Civil Engineering) and Professor Patrick Manu (University of the West of England) 
Developing a BIM-based Immersive Learning Environment for Enhanced Construction Management Education and Training using VR Technology (DOMINEERING) 

Professor Hiep Nguyen (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City) and Dr Paul Watton (University of Sheffield) 
Capacity Building and Computing Technologies for Healthcare: An Application in Transforming Mental Health Research and Services in Vietnam 

Dr Narinratana Kongjandtre (Burapha University) and Dr Maged Ali (University of Essex) 
A Roadmap for Building with Nature for Climate Change Adaptation: A Framework based on Place-Based Case Studies 

Dr Vu Quoc Dat (Hanoi Medical University) and Dr Síle Molloy (St George's, University of London) 
Ending Cryptococcal meningitis deaths by 2030: A network for change in Vietnam 

Dr Ngoc-Anh Luu-Dam (The Center for Nature Conservation and Development) and Mrs Jane Wood (University of Manchester) 
Bridging indigenous knowledge with modern techniques: A Collaborative Approach for Sustainable Dyes in Northern Vietnam 

Professor Amiena Peck (University of the Western Cape) and Dr Paddy Ross (Durham University) 
School uniforms and ideologies of harm: transnational policies, perspectives, and action 

Dr Chitwadee Phithakrotchanakoon (National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology) and Professor Colin Robinson (University of Kent) 
Establishing a Thailand-UK partnership on the production of innovative bioproducts from microbial bioresources and fungal platforms

Professor Flavio da Silva Emery (Universidade de Sao Paulo) and Professor Kevin Read (University of Dundee) 
Development of a DMPK network in Brazil

Dr Mohd Rashidi Che Beson (Universiti Malaysia Perlis) and Professor Xiaoli Chu (University of Sheffield) 
Hybrid Fiber-Wireless 2-Dimensional Flexible Cross Correlation (2-D FCC) OCDMA For Future 6G Network Massive Accessibility

Dr Latifah Munirah Kamarudin (Universiti Malaysia Perlis) and Dr Zheng Chew (University of Exeter) 
Empowering Environmental Health and Wellbeing through Interdisciplinary Advancements in Sustainable Multi-Sensor Platforms with Energy Harvesting 

Dr Ianatul Khoiroh (University of Nottingham Malaysia) and Professor Anna Croft (Loughborough University) 
Ionic Liquids for Sustainable Microalgal Production 

Dr Nguyen-Son Vo (Duy Tan University) and Dr Hamed Ahmadi (University of York) 
Smart Digital Platform Supporting Indigenous Communities threatened by Natural Disasters and Environmental Degradation 

Dr Lavdie Rada (Bahçeşehir University) and Dr Cefa Karabag (London Metropolitan University) 
Empowering Healthcare with Automated Analysis: Addressing the Surge in Medical Data Through Collaboration and Innovation 

Professor Tholene Sodi (University of Limpopo) and Dr Darya Gaysina (University of Sussex) 
Mental health literacy for secondary school learners: Building capacity through the Pan-African Mental Health Research Network (PAMHRN) 

Professor Antonio Luiz Ribeiro (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) and Dr Fu Siong Ng (Imperial College London) 
AI-ECG: applications of artificial intelligence to the electrocardiogram 

Dr Timothy Esemu (Makerere University) and Dr Eghosa Igudia (De Montfort University) 
Promoting innovation ecosystems in the informal sector, decent work and inclusive economic growth in LDCs

Professor Michele Miller (Stellenbosch University) and Professor Darrell Abernethy (Aberystwyth University) 
Optimising neglected zoonotic disease (NZD) surveillance and control in Sub-Saharan Africa through changing hearts, minds and techniques

Dr Sophie Yacoub (Oxford University Clinical Research Unit) and Dr Daniel Munblit (King's College London) 
Establishing an international clinical trials network for dengue virus infection

Professor Joyashree Roy (Asian Institute of Technology) and Dr Eleni Iacovidou (Brunel University London) 
Circular plastic economy: Bridging theory and practice to train future leaders in sustainable plastics research

Professor Ton Mai Duy (VNU University of Medicine and Pharmacy) and Professor Huan Xuan Nguyen (Middlesex University) 
Strengthening Global Partnerships: Digital Twinning for Stroke Care in Vietnam and Indonesia 

Professor Lan Vu (Hanoi University of Public Health) and Professor Hongnian Yu (Edinburgh Napier University) 
UK-ASEAN Network on AI-Enabled Healthcare Research and Innovation using Wearable Technologies (AIWT4Care) 

Professor Ngoc-Thanh Le (VNU University of Medicine and Pharmacy) and Professor Joy Notter (Birmingham City University) 
Preparing for Pre-Hospital Emergency Care in Vietnam

Professor Tuyet Nguyen Thi Anh (Hanoi University of Science and Technology) and Dr Minh-Son Pham (Imperial College London) 
UK-VN Scientific Network for Hydrogen and Related Technologies for Net Zero

Professor Sarbeswar Sahoo (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi) and Professor Paul Chaney (Cardiff University) 
Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Civil Society Action against Language Death and Cultural Oppression: Evidence and Lessons from India

Dr D. Samuel Schwarzkopf (University of Auckland) and Dr John Greenwood (University College London) 
Do amblyopia and nystagmus change the organisation and functional connectivity of human visual cortex?

Professor Leon Flicker (University of Western Australia) and Professor Gillian Mead (University of Edinburgh) 
Assembling the Cochrane Thematic Group in Heart, Stroke and Circulation to facilitate a global plan for evidence synthesis activities

Professor Young-Joo Jeon (Mokwon University) and Dr Yeji Han (York St John University) 
Sleep Deprivation, Mental Health Problems and Suicidal Rate among Adolescents in South Korea: ‘English Fever’ and Educational Competitiveness

Professor Sheila Puffer (Northeastern University) and Dr Boksun Kim (University of Plymouth) 
Saving Sand to Save the Planet

Dr Julia Brandenberger (Inselspital Universitätsspital Bern) and Dr Ruud Nijman (Imperial College London) 
REACH-network: building up a participatory, interdisciplinary network to overcome major health disparities for migrant children & adolescents in the European Region

Dr Yafei Wang (University of Alberta) and Dr Peng Liu (University of Kent) 
Exploring the application of Large Language Models in medical image analysis: integrating statistics to ensure fairness and privacy protection

Dr Merrick Pilling (Toronto Metropolitan University) and Dr Nadena Doharty (University of Durham) 
Building an Interdisciplinary Network to Address the Social Determinants of Mental Distress in Post-Secondary Institutions

Professor David Komander (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute) and Professor Sylvie Urbe (University of Liverpool) 
Targeting NIX/BNIP3-mediated mitophagy to improve mitochondrial health

Professor Jingang Yi (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey) and Dr Aiqin Liu (University of Leeds) 
Global challenges and opportunities in knee robotic rehabilitation technology development

Dr Tae Joon Jun (Asan Medical Center) and Dr Nhat Pham (Cardiff University) 
Utilization of Digital Twin for Cardiovascular Disease Care Management Through Multimodal Physiological Sensing Wearables

Dr Pai Chet Ng (Singapore Institute of Technology) and Dr Fani Deligianni (University of Glasgow) 
Multimodal Human Behaviour Analysis for Privacy-preserving Smart Healthcare Application with Federated Learning

Dr Daeho Kim (University of Toronto) and Dr Clara Cheung (University of Manchester) 
Digital Occupational Safety and Health (D-OSH) Network: Connecting Research, Policy and Practice in Construction Across Continents

Professor Paul Egglestone (University of Newcastle) and Dr Khalid Ali (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) 
Exploring Social Connectedness among Care Home Communities

Professor Janna Hastings (University of Zurich) and Dr Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz (City, University of London) 
Neurosymbolic AI for Medicine

Professor Eric Chow (Monash University) and Dr Susanne Hodgson (University of Oxford) 
Gonococcal Challenge Network

Dr Kusum Menon (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute) and Dr Padmanabhan Ramnarayan (Imperial College London) 
Better Data for Child Health: The Development of a Global Collaboration of Paediatric Critical Care Research Networks

Professor Blossom Stephan (Curtin University) and Dr Serena Sabatini (University of Surrey) 
Dementia carers’ views on ageing expertise network

Professor Simon Couillard-Castonguay (Université de Sherbrooke) and Professor Ian Pavord (University of Oxford) 
Blood Eosinophils and Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide for Prediction of Asthma Attacks:  Patient-Level Meta-Analysis and Risk Modelling

Professor Lynn Kemp (Western Sydney University) and Professor Chris Flood (Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust) 
International Network for Supporting Positive Intervention in Early Childhood

Professor Sherilee Harper (University of Alberta) and Dr John Richmond (University of Sheffield) 
Advancing mental health preparedness, response, and resilience to climate and weather extremes: An international transdisciplinary network

Dr Petra Zapp (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH) and Dr Muhammad Shafique (Brunel University London) 
Fuel Cell and Battery Electric Vehicles – Enhancing Pathway Analysis for Future Transportation Systems

Dr Rimi Khan (National University of Singapore) and Dr Karen Patel (Birmingham City University) 
Expanding contemporary craft and fashion entrepreneurship for sustainable development

Dr Digvijay Pawar (Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad) and Dr Anna Charly (University of Liverpool) 
Evaluating Effectiveness of Lane Departure Warning Systems in Distracted Driving World

Professor Ketan Kotecha (Symbiosis International University) and Professor Neil Vaughan (University of Exeter) 
Explainable AI for Retinopathy of Prematurity - Towards responsible and trustworthy healthcare 


Networking Grants are supported through the International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF). ISPF is managed by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, and delivered by a consortium of the UK’s leading research bodies, including the UK National Academies.

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Addressing antimicrobial resistance with a One Health approach invite-only symposium and workshop

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Addressing antimicrobial resistance with a One Health approach invite-only symposium and workshop

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2024 FORUM Sir Colin Dollery Lecture: Health research where you are – from GP to care home

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Mentoring Masterclass - June 2024

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