Internship schemes

The Academy of Medical Sciences runs three-month funded internship schemes for PhD students in policy and careers.

Our policy internship scheme is designed to give students first-hand experience of the medical science policy environment, to gain insights into how research can impact on policy, and to build valuable networks with the UK’s most eminent medical scientists and key science and health stakeholders. Interns are supported by a three-month extension to their PhD stipend. Policy internships are open to PhD students funded by Wellcome or the Medical Research Council. 

Interns carry out a range of activities during their time with the Academy. Please see our internship case studies for some examples, and our ten top tips for policy interns article, written by two former interns.


The Academy of Medical Sciences offices are currently shut in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Academy staff are working from home and internships are being conducted “remotely”. The Academy is confident that our remote internship programme continues to offer a highly rewarding experience for interns and that we are able to provide a very high level of support and supervision remotely. Our case studies  include one recent intern's reflections on their remote internship.

MRC internship scheme 

The MRC scheme is now closed for 2021 applicants.

Please contact Dr Tom Livermore (; 020 3141 3220) with any queries related to this scheme.

Wellcome internship scheme
The Wellcome internship scheme is currently closed for 2020 applicants.

Please contact Fern Brookes ( 020 3141 3206) with any queries related to the Wellcome internship scheme.

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