Fellowship election statistics

Election cycle statistics 2020-21

  • 384 candidates were reviewed:
    • 297 existing candidates
    • 87 new candidate nominations
  • 104 candidates went forward to peer review (27%)
  • 50 candidates were elected (13% of the total candidate pool)
  • 52 candidates lapsed from the candidate pool

Candidates can and do get elected during any year of their period within the candidate pool. The Academy re-iterates to nominators the importance of updating candidate information for each year candidates are in the pool, to enable the review committees to compare like data between candidates. The breakdown of the Fellows elected in 2020-21 by number of years since nomination is as follows: 

Number of years since nomination Number of new Fellows elected 2020-21
1 10
2 13
3 7
4 7
5 6
Re-nomination 7


For a full breakdown of the Academy's diversity data across all our programmes, please see our annual diversity report. For the Fellowship, this includes a detailed breakdown of the make-up of candidates, panel members and Fellows elected. For more information about our ongoing work towards diversity and equality of opportunity, please visit our dedicated equality and diversity main page.

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