Sectional Committees

Sectional Committees assess candidates nominated to the Fellowship and make recommendations for election.

A list of previous Sectional Committee Chairs can be found below. We have have produced a briefing note on unconscious bias for committees electing new Fellows as part of our ongoing work on equality and diversity.


Sectional Committee 1

Physics, chemistry, biochemistry, structural biology, mathematical sciences including statistics, informatics, imaging and engineering applied to biomedicine

  • Professor Elaine Holmes (Chair)
  • Professor Heather Cordell
  • Professor Ian Gilbert
  • Professor Alison Lloyd
  • Professor Andreas Melzer
  • Dr David Rees
  • Professor Sylvia Richardson
  • Dr Nitzan Rosenfeld
  • Professor Daniel Rueckert
  • Professor Dame Janet Thornton

Sectional Committee 2

Cellular and developmental biology, microbiology and immunology, genetics

  • Professor Frances Brodsky (Chair)
  • Professor Andrew Baker
  • Professor Judith Breuer
  • Professor Peter Cullen
  • Professor Panos Deloukas
  • Professor Gerard Graham
  • Professor Muzlifah Haniffa
  • Dr Caroline Hill
  • Professor Philip Maini
  • Professor Rick Maizels
  • Professor Ashley Moffett
  • Professor Patricia Munroe
  • Professor Alison Simmons
  • Professor Joris Veltman


Sectional Committee 3

Neuroscience (including neurology and neurosurgery), physiology, pharmacological sciences

  • Professor Giles Hardingham (Chair)
  • Professor Robert Brownstone
  • Professor Julia Buckingham
  • Professor Derk-Jan Dijk
  • Professor Caroline Dive
  • Professor Peter Hutchinson
  • Professor Mandy MacLean
  • Professor Oscar Marín
  • Professor Valerie O'Donnell
  • Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga
  • Professor Ijeoma Uchegbu
  • Professor Bill Wisden


Sectional Committee 4

Medical and veterinary specialties and paediatrics

  • Professor David Adams (Chair)
  • Professor Sadaf Farooqi
  • Professor David FitzPatrick
  • Professor Tony Green
  • Professor Sophie Hambleton
  • Professor Arthur Kaser
  • Professor Gideon Lack
  • Professor Mala Maini
  • Professor Daniel McAuley
  • Professor Helen McShane
  • Professor Neena Modi
  • Professor Naveed Sattar
  • Professor Jørgen Vestbo


Sectional Committee 5

Surgery, anaesthesia, oncology, clinical pathologies, radiology, oral health, ophthalmology, reproductive health

  • Professor Christine Harrison (Chair)
  • Professor Jane Blazeby
  • Professor Ashley Blom
  • Professor Robert Bristow
  • Professor Arri Coomarasamy
  • Professor Charles Craddock
  • Professor Richard Eastell
  • Professor Marian Knight
  • Professor Robert MacLaren
  • Professor John Radford
  • Professor Robert Steele
  • Professor Catherine Williamson


Sectional Committee 6

Psychiatry, psychology and mental health, behavioural science, genomics,  epidemiology, clinical trials, population health sciences and global health

  • Professor Paula Williamson (Chair)
  • Professor Ibrahim Abubakar
  • Professor Chris Brewin
  • Professor Harry Campbell
  • Professor Sarah Cleaveland
  • Professor George Davey Smith
  • Professor Thalia Eley
  • Professor Francesca Happé
  • Professor Matthew Lambon Ralph
  • Professor Cornelia van Duijn
  • Professor Helen Weiss
  • Professor Mark Woolhouse


Sectional Committee 7 

Primary care, health services research, health informatics, health improvement, social sciences, humanities, law, policy, communication or leadership as applied to health or biomedical science

  • Professor Gary Ford (Chair)
  • Professor Liz Corbett
  • Dr Jennifer Dixon
  • Professor Keith Godfrey
  • Professor Christopher Griffiths
  • Dr Roger Highfield
  • Professor Catherine Law
  • Professor Richard Lilford
  • Professor Christine MacArthur
  • Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery
  • Professor Dame Anne Marie Rafferty
  • Professor Rosalind Raine


Sectional Committee 8

Individuals primarily based in the commercial sector including, but not limited to, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, devices, diagnostics and digital technology industries

  • Dr David Roblin (Chair)
  • Dr Jeffrey Barrett
  • Dr Felicity Gabbay
  • Dr Susan Galbraith
  • Dr Pauline Williams



















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