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Improve lives

Strategic priority #1

We will influence policy and practice to improve the lives of patients, the public and communities by:

  • Tackling the most significant health challenges in our society including health inequalities, climate change, mental health and global health security
  • Ensuring research is a priority in the NHS and social care; promoting a greater focus on preventing ill-health and working with communities
  • Influencing policy to improve health and strengthen research by bringing together our Fellows, researchers, partners and the public as well as other disciplines such as engineering, social and environmental science

By 2032 we will have: 

  • Worked with health and social care partners across the UK to increase the focus of Government on prevention, public health and communities
  • Developed agile, timely and effective policy responses to issues that matter to medical sciences, patients and the public
  • Increased the Academy’s profile with the public as an independent and trusted voice helping people make decisions about their health
  • Supported researchers to become trusted communicators in their communities and with patients, the public and policy makers  

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