COVID-19 career support space

This is the Academy of Medical Sciences career support space for biomedical and health researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We know that virtually all researchers will have been affected by the pandemic in some shape or form, sometimes at critical points in your careers. A large number of you paused your research work, some returned to full time clinical duty and others redirected your research efforts to COVID-19 related activity. Many of you have faced challenges combining caring responsibilities with work.

The Academy would like to offer support from a number of different angles; we are working in the careers policy space to assess the full impact, and ran a workshop for funders, charities, Fellows and early career researchers. You can read more in our article COVID and careers: what does the future hold? and the workshop report can be found here.

We have also convened an Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Paul Stewart FMedSci, to develop pages for this support space on a range of topics that are emerging as the pandemic develops. Hear Professor Stewart’s thoughts on the issues facing early career researchers and hopes for future change:


Alongside our initial resources below, we are adding new videos, materials and links as time goes on, including on the importance of mentoring at this time. We are also delivering a number of virtual events on related topics to enable all researchers to connect with others and discuss challenges they are facing in navigating careers at this time.

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Disaster Theory, Inequality & Covid-19: Ladders4Action Online Training Session

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