Newton International Fellowships

The Academy of Medical Sciences, in partnership with the Royal Society and the British Academy, is offering Newton International Fellowships to support early career international researchers from partner countries.

Key dates

This current round is now Closed.

This round was open to: Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa.

The Panel will convene in July. 


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We have also set up a LinkedIn group to help you network with other researchers in order to establish international research collaborations. For example of people who have received Newton funding, read our case studies.

Our partner countries for our Newton Fellowships (currently Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa) also offer scholarships and grants to UK researchers to enable them to spend time undertaking research in these countries. More information is available here.

About the scheme

The Academy of Medical Sciences is pleased to be working with the Royal Society and British Academy to offer Newton International Fellowships, available through the Government Newton Fund which is part of the UK’s official development assistance.  The Newton Fund is a new initiative that aims to develop the long-term sustainable growth and welfare of the partner country through building research and innovation capacity.

These awards will enable talented early career post-doctoral researchers from partner countries (with no more than seven years’ active full time postdoctoral experience) to spend two consecutive years undertaking research at a host university or research institution in the UK, enabling them to benefit from an extended period within a first class research environment in some of the UK’s best universities.

The Academy of Medical Sciences will be awarding Newton International Fellowships for research proposals focused on clinical or patient-oriented research.

For more information on the call for applications in other disciplines please visit:

For the natural sciences:

For the social sciences and humanities:

Recent Awardees

Dr Aftab Alam working with Mr Adel Helmy at the University of Cambridge, Microglia Dynamics and its Modulation in Traumatic Brain Injury: Enhancing Window of Neuroprotection

Dr Mehrdad Alizadeh Mizani working with Professor Aziz Sheikh at the University of Edinburgh, Developing Novel Approaches To Enhance Privacy Protection In Research Databases

Dr David Escobar-Castillejos working with Dr Fernando Bello at the Imperial College London, Use Of Intelligent Assistants To Enhance Learning On Vr Minimally Invasive Surgery Simulators

Mr Kerneels Jaars working with Dr Kirsti Ashworth at the Lancaster University, Quantifying the contribution of biogenic emissions to air quality in a mega-city

Dr Hande Karahan working with Dr Frances Edwards at the University College London, Investigating The Role Of Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 Alpha In Alzheimer's Disease And Neurogenesis

Dr Fuguo Liu working with Professor Chris Secombes at the University of Aberdeen, How is vaccine induced immunity regulated in fish?

Dr Ren Luo working with Professor Rosalind Smyth at the University College London, Different Rsv Genotypes Cause Different Neutrophils Migration And Cytopathology In Airway Epithelium

Dr Francieli Ruiz Da Silva working with Professor Malcolm von Schantz at the University of Surrey, Circadian Rhythms And Sleep In The Baependi Heart Study Cohort

Ms Sheon Mary Samji working with Professor Christian Delles at the University of Glasgow, Investigation Of Uromodulin Polymerisation In Development And Progression Of Hypertension

Dr Yuan Tian, working with Dr Graham Wallace at the University of Birmingham, Genetic mutations across the geographical spread of Behcet's Disease define specific cellular pathways

Dr Yajun Wang, working with Dr Huiliang Li at the University College London, Improving the therapeutic potential of adult stem cells for Alzheimer's disease treatment

Mrs Sunitha Balaraju, working with Professor Hanns Lochmüller at the Newcastle University, Congenital myasthenic syndrome (CMS) - Molecular and functional characterization of novel genes

Dr Ambarish Paul, working with Dr Ravinder Dahiya at the University of Glasgow, Micro-electrode array as pressure pixels for wearable Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

Mr Arindam Pramanik, working with Professor Paul Millner at the University of Leeds, Cancer therapy & imaging by self assembled polymer nanoparticles: an in-vivo study

Dr Yu Deng working with Professor Rosalind Smyth FMedSci at the University College London, Investigating of the role of neutrophils in RSV-induced epithelial damage

Dr Reena Dsouza working with Professor Philip Goulder at the University of Oxford, Virologic, Genetic and Immune Mechanisms in Non-Progressing Paediatric HIV Infection in India

Dr Kuppuraj Sengottuvel working with Professor Dorothy Bishop FRS FMedSci at the University of Oxford, Why do some children find language hard to learn? A crosslinguistic comparison of learning processes

Dr Cesar Mendoza Martinez working with Dr Julien Michel at the University of Edinburgh, Selective Protein Inhibition by Molecules Inducers of Protein Order

Dr Subhadip Paul working with Dr Sagnik Bhattacharyya at the King's College London, Investigating the role of altered brain network dynamics and connectivity in Schizophrenia

Dr Vanessa Fontana working with Professor Munir Pirmohamed FMedSci at the University of Liverpool, Identification of efficacy predictors for clopidogrel using integrated systems pharmacology approach

Dr Mario Juruena working with Professor Allan Young at the King's College London, Mineralocorticoid Receptor assessment in Bipolar Depression with Early Life Stress

Dr Ziqi Lin working with Professor Cheng Hock Toh at the University of Liverpool, Circulating histones index disease severity in acute pancreatitis and other critical illness

Dr Wuxiang Xie working with Professor Paul Elliott FMedSci at the Imperial College London, Dose–response relationship between air pollution and cardiovascular disease in Beijing


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