Biomedical & health careers

The UK's status as a world leader in medical research is underpinned by its first class workforce. We want to see the next generation of medical scientists navigate a clear career path with the right funding opportunities, in whatever sector they work.

Through our careers policy work, we monitor the research, healthcare and higher education landscape in order to identify and influence key issues that impact biomedical and health researchers. 


Research in the NHS
Research-active NHS staff are struggling to find time for research. Our report sets out a powerful vision to enhance the NHS-academia interface to make sure scientific discoveries boost the NHS and improve patient care. Read more on our policy pages and news article.

Team Science
We continue to champion broader recognition and team science, through our landmark 2016 team science report and 2019 follow-up workshop. Read a blog from report chair Professor Dame Anne Ridley: Now is the time to take a team-based approach to team science

Wider work
We work with the Royal Society to support Global Talent visas for researchers with exceptional talent or promise who wish to work in the UK. We also produce rapid-response policy reports, consultations and reviews such as:

We also engage with Government strategies and initiatives which aim to improve the UK's research culture. Read our response to the Government's People and Culture Strategy to find out more.

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HIVE alumni programme launch event with Professor Jonathan Van-Tam MBE FMedSci

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Developing an effective mentoring programme 2021

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Labour Party Conference 2021 - Becoming a “science superpower”: will the UK be fit to tackle the next global crisis?

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