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Academy of Medical Sciences Professorship Scheme

These awards will offer flexible support to biomedical and healthcare researchers, who have moved to the UK, during the initial years of a full Professorship.

Key dates

Round 11 is now open. The deadline for applications is Monday 10 June 2024, 4pm (BST).

Scheme OPEN

The Academy of Medical Sciences is delighted to announce the call for applications to its Professorship Scheme. Working in partnership with UK Higher Education Institutions, we will be providing an attractive package of support to biomedical and healthcare researchers taking up a full Professorship in the UK.
Meet our current Professorship awardees here, and learn about how they hope to use their awards.


The Academy of Medical Sciences is committed to attracting and retaining emerging talent from across the globe to the UK, and recognises the importance of capacity building at the early-leadership career stage.

This scheme seeks to progress that ambition by offering flexible support to researchers imminently taking up a full Professorship, or to those who have recently commenced such a position.  Awards will be made in partnership with the employing Higher Education Institution (HEI). 

Recent Awardees

Round 1

Professor Meritxell Canals, University of Nottingham

Professor Vincent Dion, University of Cardiff

Professor Ulrich Rass, University of Sussex

Professor Evi Soutoglou, University of Sussex

Round 2

Professor Dirk-Peter Herten, University of Birmingham

Professor Jody Rosenblatt, King's College London

Round 3

Professor Wenying Shou, University College London

Professor Juan Vaquerizas, Imperial College London

Round 4

Professor Jordi Diaz-Manera, Newcastle University



Round 5

Professor Petter Brodin, Imperial College London

Round 6

Professor Randy Bruno, University of Oxford

Professor Zion Tse, Queen Mary University of London (previously University of York)



Round 7

Professor Maia Lesosky, Imperial College London (previously Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

Professor Dennis Wang, Imperial College London

Round 8

Professor Ian Kelleher, University of Edinburgh

Professor Giorgio Tasca, Newcastle University

Round 9

Professor Emile Rugamika Chimusa, Northumbria University

Professor Christine Goffinet, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Professor Simon Johnson, Northumbria University

Round 10

Professor Helena Legido-Quigley, Imperial College London



The scheme is generously supported by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT).

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