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Global projects

The Academy works across borders and in partnership with the global research community to promote the best possible medical research and so improve global patient health.

The Academy represents UK Medical Science across a number of international science networks and forums. We actively engage in these networks in order to provide a strong contribution to global challenges, international scientific knowledge exchange and science policy advice.


 InterBrand New: New Logo and Identity for International Science Council by ...national Science Council (ISC)

 The Academy has joined the membership of the International Science Council (ISC), enabling us to build on our strengths as a trusted voice for global health and science issues.

The ISC brings together more than 230 members, including international scientific unions and associations from natural and social sciences, the humanities, and national and regional scientific organisations such as academies and research councils.

Together with their members and partners, the ISC works at a global level to catalyse and convene scientific expertise, and to advise and influence on issues of major concern to science and society. It is the only international non-governmental organisation (NGO) that brings together organisations from both the natural and social sciences, integrating scientific excellence and science policy expertise across these disciplines.

As a member of the ISC, we will be providing biomedical and health expertise to contribute further to its impactful work. This includes sharing the collective knowledge and expertise of our Fellows and emerging research leaders to help shape ISC programmes, governance, and strategic direction.

Working in partnership with other members of the ISC, the Academy hopes to understand and address global health research and development challenges by identifying new approaches to be agile, inclusive and innovative in our international work.

  InterAcademy Partnership (IAP)New IAP logo

 The Academy is a member of the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) – a  network of 150   national, regional, and global member academies that work together to support the vital role of science in seeking evidence-based solutions to the world’s most challenging problems. IAP's programs and projects align with its three primary strategic goals of capacity building for academies, providing high quality scientific advice, and promoting science education and outreach.

IAP’s member academies constitute more than 30,000 leading scientists, engineers, and health professionals in over 100 countries. IAP also helps build the capacity of its new and less-experienced member academies, and strengthen their abilities to take on an advisory role in-country and to contribute to global discussions.

We have worked closely with the IAP on many occasions, including jointly coordinating policy workshops on the topic of global health inequalities,  Universal Health Coverage and global mental health.  


 Federation for European Academies of Medicine (FEAM)

 We work closely with the Federation for European Academies of Medicine, a collective of   medical academies which aims to promote cooperation between national medical, pharmacy and veterinary Academies in the WHO European region on European matters related to biomedical science and health policy.

Our membership of FEAM supports our efforts to continue forging close links with our colleagues in other National Academies across Europe, contributing meaningfully to science policy and health challenges and formulating common positions.

Visit our European policy pages for further information on our work in this area.


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