Global projects

The Academy works across borders and in partnership with the global research community to promote the best possible medical research and so improve global patient health.

The Academy's working group projects convene experts to formulate a general consensus and generate policy and research recommedations backed by scientific evidence. To do this, we allow time for extensive consultation and deliberation throughout the lifespan of these projects.


To date, the international policy team have undertaken two working group study's on the topics of multimorbidity and climate change and health. See an overview of these projects below. 

Climate change and health

Measures to tackle climate change could significantly benefit human health in the immediate term, as well as in the longer term. The Academy recently partnered with the Royal Society to publish a working group report exploring the health co-benefits of climate change mitigation policies in the UK. The report, released in October 2021 and aimed at policymakers, calls on the UK government to make sure that the initiatives they establish to tackle climate change are also designed to deliver benefits to health.

Visit our climate change and health webpage for information on the project and to access the final report. 


Multiple Long Term Conditions / Multimorbidity 

We produced the world’s first comprehensive review on the increasing global problem of multimorbidity, where people are suffering from more than one serious health condition. We highlighted the inadequacy of existing evidence to guide health policy and medical practice, and suggested a series of urgent research priorities. We are now leading as a hub organisation for multimorbidity and our work has already led to a joint funding call in the UK context.

“The Academy’s report on multimorbidity has galvanised policy-makers, funders and researchers to ask, “What can be done to better serve these patients and their families?” Professor Chris Whitty CB FMedSci, Chief Medical Officer