HIVE - alumni network

Our new alumni programme HIVE offers long term career support and networking for all previous Academy grant awardees and programme participants.

For over twenty years since the Academy was founded, we have supported a diverse range of experts across biomedical and health science.  In recognition of the value of this talented group,  we are launching a new alumni programme: HIVE. The Academy is delighted that HIVE is open to previous participants of all Academy grant schemes and programmes.

All HIVE members are now eligible to join our mentoring scheme. Link to join here.



The way into our HIVE alumni network is through our online portal.

This portal provides resources, updates, connections and more through a simple registration.

To register, click below and follow the joining instructions. 

Please download the guidance notes from the right hand side of this page to assist you, and if you have any queries after referring to the guidance notes please email us at:


Are you currently a member of the Academy's PILLAR community network programme? Has your grant or programme participation come to an end?

As our PILLAR network is for our current awardees and programme participants, we would encourage you to transfer yourself to our HIVE alumni network using the registration link above. You will lose access to the PILLAR portal, but don't worry - your portal profile, messages, groups settings, and the resources you have access to will stay the same.

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