Clinical Academics in Training Conference

Our Clinical Academics in Training Annual Conference (CATAC) is a unique cross-specialty event designed to bring clinical academics together to present their work, meet one another and network with senior researchers.

We have evolved and adapted our flagship early career researcher conference over the past decade into a unique cross-speciality event.

Are you a clinical academic looking for a chance to present your research, perhaps for the first time?

CATAC is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Develop your presentation skills.
  • Meet with your peers and senior academics to build networks.
  • Raise your profile within the clinical academic community.
  • Meet Academy Fellows.


Feedback from CATAC 2018:

"The keynote speakers gave honest accounts of the career ups and downs of a clinical academic, and invaluable advice on remaining true to yourself, maintaining work-life balance and how to ultimately succeed as an independent researcher. There were interesting presentations covering a diverse range of academic disciplines."

"We left the meeting with broadened horizons and renewed enthusiasm for collaborative research and future careers in clinical academia." 

Watch Dr Katherine Sleeman's keynote talk from CATAC 2018 here: 

Check #CATAC2018 on Twitter to see what attendees thought on the day.

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