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SUSTAIN is a programme that enables women in research to thrive in their independent research careers. It provides an innovative programme of training and support to develop participants’ leadership and career potential.

Key dates

Applications for SUSTAIN Round 8 are now closed.


Not enough female researchers are securing senior leadership posts in the UK. A concerted effort is needed to ensure women are appropriately supported along their career trajectory to enable them to secure those senior positions.

Our SUSTAIN programme provides female researchers a fantastic opportunity to benefit from individualised support tailored to their career needs. 

Dr Janet Kumita, a participant in the latest cohort shares what she is hoping to learn:

About the programme

We are delighted to announce the 24 SUSTAIN participants starting their year-long programme on Tuesday 8 November 2022. As in previous rounds, applicants were chosen randomly and stratified by location and funder. All applicants are grant awardees funded by the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Medical Research Council, the Royal Society or the Royal Academy of Engineering. The programme will provide the participants with a range of innovative training and support opportunities to develop and refine their leadership and career potential. 

SUSTAIN round 7 participants: 

Dr Giorgia Maria Bosi, RAEng Research Fellow, University College London

Dr Claire Bourke, Sir Henry Dale Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Lecturer in Infection and Immunology, Queen Mary University of London

Dr Dhanya Cheerambathur, Sir Henry Dale fellow, University of Edinburgh

Dr Anissa Chikh, lecturer in cell biology, St George's University of London

Dr Catriona Douglas, Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon, University of Strathclyde

Dr Ana Duarte Cabral, Royal Society University Research Fellow, Cardiff University

Dr Anjali Hinch, Principal Investigator, University of Oxford

Dr Jamilla Hussain, Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Senior Research Fellow, Bradford Institute for Health Research

Dr LucyJackson-Jones, Lecturer in Biomedicine, University of Lancaster

Dr Deepa Jayakody Arachchillage, Consultant haematologist and Honorary senior lecturer, Imperial College London

Dr Katharina Kohler, Clinical Lecturer, University of Cambridge

Dr Janet Kumita, MRC Career Development Award Fellow and Group Leader, University of Cambridge

Dr Suzanne Madgwick, Research Fellow, Newcastle University

Dr Laura McCoy, Associate professor and MRC Career Development Fellow, University College London

Dr Madhvi Menon, Research Fellow, University of Manchester

Dr Beth Mortimer, Associate Professor in Animal Biology and Royal Society University Research Fellowm, University of Oxford

Dr Anna Reed, Consultant in Lung Transplant Medicine, Imperial College School of Medicine

Dr Imogen Riddell, RS URF, University of Manchester

Dr Lara Roberts, Consultant Haematologist, King's College London

Dr Stephanie Shoop-Worrall, MRC Career Development Fellow, University of Manchester

Dr Anna Slater, Royal Society URF and Senior Lecturer (proleptic), University of Liverpool

Dr YurikoSuzuki, Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow, University of Oxford

Dr Helen Weavers, Group Leader. Wellcome Trust & Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellow, University of Bristol

Dr Eleanor Winpenny, Senior Research Associate, MRC epidemiology unit


SUSTAIN  is supported by the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Medical Research Council, the Royal Society, and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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