Deceased Fellows

The Academy records with regret the death of the following Fellows: 

Professor Oliver Braddick FBA FMedSci elected 2001, deceased January 2022, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Oxford
Professor William Fraser CBE FMedSci elected 2001, deceased February 2022, Emeritus Professor of Learning Disability at the University of Wales College of Medicine 
Professor David Baird CBE FRSE FMedSci elected 1998, deceased February 2022, Emeritus Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology, University of Edinburgh
Sir Arnold Burgen FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased May 2022. former Professor of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge
Professor Sir Colin Blakemore KT FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased June 2022, Yeung Kin Man Chair Professor of Neuroscience, City University of Hong Kong
Professor Andrew Wyllie FRS FRSE FMedSci elected 1998, deceased May 2022, Emeritus Professor, University of Cambridge
Professor Ian Cameron CBE FMedSci FLSW elected 1998, deceased July 2022, Former Dean of St Thomas' Hospital, London
Professor Peter Boyle FRSE FMedSci elected 2006, deceased July 2022, President, Prevention Research Institute
Professor Tak Hong Lee CBE FMedSci elected 2000, deceased August 2022, Director, Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital
Professor Dame Valerie Beral DBE FRS FMedSci elected 1999, deceased August 2022, Head of Cancer Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford 
Professor Sir Peter Morris AC FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased October 2022, Emeritus Nuffield Professor, University of Oxford



Professor Lewis Wolpert CBE FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased January 2021, Emeritus Professor of Biology as Applied to Medicine, University College London

Dame Fiona Caldicott DBE FMedSci elected 1998, deceased February 2021, National Data Guardian for Health and Social Care, Academy of Medical Sciences Council Member 1998 - 2001

Dr Tadataka Yamada KBE FMedSci elected 2002, deceased August 2021, Venture Partner, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Professor Alexander McNeish FMedSci elected 1998, deceased August 2021, Honorary Professor of Medicine, University of Birmingham

Professor David Dunger FMedSci elected 2012, deceased August 2021, Emeritus Professor of Paediatrics, University of Cambridge

Professor Sir Michael Peckham FMedSci elected 1998, deceased August 2021, Emeritus Professor, Institute of Cancer Research

Sir Dai Rees FRS FMedSci FLSW elected 1998, deceased August 2021, Former Head of the Medical Research Council

Professor Stephen McMahon FMedSci elected 1999, deceased October 2021, Sherrington Professor of Physiology, King's College London

Professor Malcolm Molyneux OBE FMedSci elected 1998, deceased November 2021, Senior Scientist and Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine, School of Tropical Medicine, University of Liverpool


Professor Vincenzo Cerundolo FRS FMedSci elected 2002, deceased January 2020, Director, MRC Human Immunology Unit, University of Oxford

Professor Oleg Eremin FMedSci elected 1998, deceased January 2020, Honorary Professor, University of Nottingham; Visiting Professor, University of Lincoln

Sir Michael Berridge FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased February 2020, Emeritus Professor, Barbraham Institute

Sir John Pattison FMedSci elected 1998, deceased March 2020, Emeritus Professor of Medical Microbiology, University College London, Academy of Medical Sciences Council Member 1998 - 1999

Professor Michael Clarke CBE FMedSci elected 2002, deceased March 2020, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Leicester

Sir James Gowans CBE FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased April 2020, former Secretary-General of the Human Frontier Science Program

Professor Nick Standen FMedSci elected 2001, deceased April 2020, Professor of Physiology, University of Leicester

Lord Robert May OM AC FRS FREng FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow 2005, deceased April 2020, Professor of Zoology, University of Oxford

Dame Ingird Allen DBE FMedSci elected 1998, deceased April 2020, Professor Emeritus of Neuropathology, Queen's University Belfast

Professor Geoffrey Burnstock FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased June 2020, Honorary President, University of Melbourne

Professor Roger Williams CBE FMedSci elected 1999, deceased July 2020, Director, Institute of Hepatology, Foundation for Liver Research

Professor Malcolm Lader OBE FMedSci elected 1999, deceased August 2020, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychopharmacology, King's College London

Professor Chris Abell FRS FMedSci elected 2012, deceased October 2020, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, University of Cambridge

Professor Sheila Haworth CBE FMedSci elected 1999, deceased October 2020, Professor of Developmental Cardiology, University College London

Sir Colin Dollery FMedSci elected 1998, deceased December 2020, Former Senior Consultant, GlaxoSmithKlein, Treasurer Academy of Medical Sciences 2001 - 2005

Sir Peter Lachmann FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased December 2020, Emeritus Professor of Immunology, University of Cambridge and founding President of the Academy of Medical Sciences

Professor Barry Kay FRSE FMedSci elected 1999, deceased December 2020, Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Investigator, Imperial College London


Sir Michael Atiyah OM FRS FRSE FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow in 2000, deceased January 2019, Mathematician and former President of the Royal Society

Sir Aaron Klug OM FRS FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow 2005, deceased January 2019, Biophysicist and for mer leader of the Laboraory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

Baroness Mary Warnock DBE FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow 2011, deceased March 2019, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Champion, House of Lords

Dr Sydney Brenner CH FRS FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow 1999, deceased April 2019, Biologist, Salk Institute, California

Sir Stanley Peart FRS FMedSci elected 1998, deceased March 2019, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Queen Mary's University of London

Professor Thomas Jessell FRS FMedSci elected 2006, deceased April 2019, Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Columbia University

Professor Sir Christopher Dobson FRS FMedSci elected 2005, deceased September 2019, John Humphrey Plummer Professor of Chemical and Structural Biology, University of Cambridge

Sir Alasdair Breckenridge CBE FRSE FMedSci elected 1998, deceased December 2019, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Liverpool



Professor Alan Maynard  OBE FMedSci elected in 2000 deceased February 2018,  Emeritus Professor of Health Economics, University of York

Sir John Sulston CH FRS FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow in 2003 deceased March 2018, Professor and Chair of the Institute of Science, Ethics and Innovation, University of Manchester

Professor Richard Wise FMedSci elected in 2010 deceased March 2018, Professor of Neurology, Imperial College London

Sir John Grimley Evans  FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased March 2018, Professor Emeritus, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford

Professor Michael Gelder FMedSci elected in 1998, deceased March 2018, Emeritus Professor, University of Oxford

Professor Douglas Altman FMedSci elected in 2011, deceased June 2018, Director, Centre for Statistics in Medicine, University of Oxford

Professor Frank Harris CBE FMedSci elected in 1998, deceased July 2018, Emeritus Professor, Association of UK University Hospitals

Professor Geoffrey Laurent FMedSci elected in 2006, deceased August 2018, Emeritus Professor, University of Western Australia

Professor Wendy Atkin OBE FMedSci elected in 2015, deceased October 2018, Emeritus Professor of Gastrointestinal Epidemiology, Imperial College London

Sir Roger Gibbs FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow in 2003, deceased October 2018, Former Chairman, Wellcome Trust

Dr Douglas Fleming OBE FMedSci elected in 1998, deceased October 2018, Director, Research and Surveillance Centre,
Royal College of General Practitioners

Professor Tim Evans FMedSci elected in 1999, deceased November 2018, National Director of Clinical Productivity, NHSI Productivity Division

Professor Sir David Weatherall GBE FRS FMedSci elected in 1998, deceased December 2018, Regius Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Oxford University

Sir Donald Irvine CBE FMedSci elected in 1998, deceased December 2018, Chairman, Picker Institute Europe

Professor Colin Smith CBE FMedSci elected in 1998, deceased December 2018, Emeritus Professor of Oral Pathology, University of Sheffield



Professor Geoffrey Raisman FRS FMedSci elected in 1999 deceased January 2017, Chair of Neural Regeneration, University College London

Professor Crispian Scully CBE FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased March 2017, Emeritus Professor, University College London

Professor Peter Wells CBE FRS FMedSci elected in 2005 deceased April 2017, Distinguished Research Professor, Cardiff University

Lord Ernest Soulsby of Swaffham Prior FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased May 2018, Life Peer, House of Lords

Professor Patrick Johnston FMedSci elected in 2012 deceased June 2017, President and Vice Chancellor, Queen's University Belfast

Professor Osmund Reynolds CBE FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased May 2017, Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics, University College London

Professor Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick DBE FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased August 2017, Former President, Royal College of Physicians

Professor Tessa Holyoake FMedSci elected in 2013 deceased August 2017, Professor of Experimental Haematology, University of Glasgow 

Dr Geoffrey Schild CBE FMedsci elected in 2001 deceased August 2017, Former Head of Viral Products Division, National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

Professor Robin Eady MBE FMedSci elected in 2002 deceased August 2017, Emeritus Professor of Experimental Dermatopathology, King's College London



Professor Frank Hubert Woods CBE FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased January 2016, Dean of the Medical School, University of Sheffield

Lord John Walton of Detchant FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased April 2016, Crossbench Independent Life Peer, House of Lords

Professor Keith Vickerman FRS FRSE FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased June 2016, Emeritus Regius Professor of Zoology, University of Glasgow

Professor Harrison Spencer FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased August 2016, President and CEO, Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, Washington USA

Dr Gordon Grieve Peters FMedSci elected in 2000, deceased September 2016, Retired, London Research Institute

Professor Sir Patrick Sissons FMedSci elected in 1998, deceased September 2016, Emeritus Regius Professor of Physic, University of Cambridge

Dr Allen Roses FMedSci elected in 2003, deceased September 2016,  Professor of Neurobiology and Neurology, R David Thomas Executive Training Center USA

Professor Alan Cuthbert FRS FMedSci elected in 1998, deceased August 2016, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge

Sir Ralph Kohn FRS FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow in 2003, deceased November 2016, Chairman The Kohn Foundation

Professor Annette Karmiloff-Smith CBE FBA FMedSci elected in 1999, deceased December 2016, Professorial Research Fellow, Birkbeck University of London



Professor Barry Furr OBE FMedSci elected in 2002 deceased February 2015, Consultant, AstraZeneca

Professor Richard Perham FRS FMedSci elected in 2005 deceased February 2015, Emeritus Professor of Structural Biochemistry, University of Cambridge 

Dr Alan Hall FMedSci elected in 2004 deceased May 2015, Chair, Cell Biology Program, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Professor Christopher Marshall FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased August 2015, Chairman, Section of Cell and Molecular Biology, The Institue of Cancer Research

Professor Adrian Grant FRSE FMedSci elected in 2011 deceased August 2015, Emeritus Professor of Health Services Research, University of Aberdeen

Professor Jane Wardle FBA FMedSci elected in 2012 deceased October 2015, Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College London

Professor Lisa Jardine CBE FRS FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow 2014 deceased October 2015, Professor of Renaissance Studies, University College London



Professor Andrew Burroughs FMedSci elected in 2010 deceased March 2014, Vice President and Professor of Hepatology, University College London

Professor Michael Langman FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased April 2014, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Birmingham

Dame Julia Polak DBE FMedSci elected in 1999 deceased August 2014, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London

Professor Robert Cohen CBE FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased October 2014, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of London

Sir Christopher France GCB FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased October 2014, former permanent secretary, Department of Health

Sir Henry Harris FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased October 2014, Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford



Professor Brigitte Askonas FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased January 2013, Visiting Professor, Leucocyte Biology, Imperial College London

Sir Kenneth Murray FRS FRSE FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased April 2013, Former BIOGEN Professor of Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh

Professor David Barker FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased in August 2013, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, Southampton General Hospital

Professor Michael Neuberger FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased in October 2013, Deputy Director and Joint Head of the Division of Protein and Nucleic Acid Chemistry MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

Dr Frederick Sanger OBE FRS FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow in 1999 deceased in November 2013, Twice Nobel Prize winning Biochemist, Cambridge

Professor John Goldman FMedSci elected 1999 deceased December 2013, Emeritus Professor of Haematology, Imperial College London



Professor Alan Cowey FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased December 2012, Emeritus Professor of Physiological Psychology, University of Oxford

Professor Guy Dodson FRS FMedSci elected in 2002, deceased 24 December 2012, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of York

Professor Griffith Edwards CBE FMedSci elected in 1999 deceased September 2012, Emeritus Professor of Addiction Behaviour, University of London

Sir Christopher Booth FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow 2002 deceased July 2012

Sir Alexander Macara FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased June 2012
Telegraph obituary 28 June 2012

Sir Andrew Huxley OM FRS HonFReng HonFRSE FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow 1999 deceased May 2012 

Professor Terry Hamblin FMedSci elected in 2002 deceased January 2012



Professor Jonathan Driver FBA FMedSci elected in 2005 deceased November 2011

Professor Peter Richards FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased April 2011

Professor Dame Barbara Clayton CBE DBE FMedSci elected in 2000 deceased January 2011



Sir James Whyte Black OM FRS FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow in 1999 deceased March 2010



Professor Yvonne Carter OBE FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased October 2009
View Guardian Obituary of Professor Yvonne Carter

Professor Sheila Rodwell CBE FMedSci elected in 2001 deceased June 2009

Professor Philip Poole-Wilson FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased March 2009



Professor Iain MacIntyre FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased September 2008

Professor Michael Emmerson OBE FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased May 2008



Professor Brian Worthington FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased December 2007

Professor Peter Lipton FMedSci elected in 2006 deceased November 2007

Professor John Newsom Davis CBE FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased September 2007

Dame Anne McLaren DBE FRS FMedSci elected in 1998 deceased July 2007

Professor Roland Jacob Levinsky FMedSci elected 1998 deceased January 2007



Sir Richard Bayliss FMedSci elected 1998 deceased April 2006

Dr Philip D’Arcy Hart CBE FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow1999 deceased July 2006
View biography by Tilly Tansey FMedSci

Sir Philip Randle FRS FMedSci elected 1998 deceased September 2006

Sir Martin Roth FRS FMedSci elected 2001 deceased September 2006

Professor Ian Mcdonald FMedSci elected 1999 deceased December 2006



Sir Richard Doll OBE CH FRS FMedSci elected 1998 deceased July 2005

Sir Joseph Rotblat CBE FRS HonFRSE FMedSci elected Honorary Fellow 2000 deceased August 2005

Professor Nicholas Hales FRS FMedSci elected 1998 deceased September 2005

Professor Sir Richard Southwood DL FRS FMedSci elected 1998 deceased October 2005

Professor Barklie Clements FRSE FMedSci elected 2004 deceased November 2005 


Professor Robin Winter FMedSci elected 2001, deceased January 2004

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