Animals in research

The use of animals is essential for a significant amount of scientific, medical and veterinary research, and has contributed to a great number of advances in human and animal health. The Academy is therefore committed to the appropriate use of animals in research.

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The Academy is working on all aspects of animals in research, from engaging in debate about how to regulate the use of animals in research, to efforts to improve the openness of organisations that are involved in animal research.

We are a signatory organisation of the Concordat on openness on animal research. As part of this ongoing commitment, the Academy publishes yearly statistics on the number of research grants we have funded that propose the use of animals and which species they proposed to use.

The Academy is an active member of the Animal Science Group and the UK Bioscience Sector Coalition Public Affairs Group.

Following our groundbreaking 2011 report on ‘Animals containing human material’, we continue to monitor developments in this field of research. In February 2016, the Home Office published new guidance on the use of human material in animals as a direct result of the recommendations of this report.

In October 2019, the Academy published a report on a two-day scientific meeting to explore key areas of neurodevelopmental research. The report discusses the importance of animal models for studying neurodevelopment, and the ways their utility can be further enhanced.

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