Mentoring Masterclasses

Our Mentoring Masterclasses are a chance to hone your mentoring technique and discuss the challenges of being an effective mentor or mentee.

They are open to all current and potential Academy mentees as well as Academy Fellows. The sessions are run by an experienced mentoring scheme coordinator and coach.

Mentoring Masterclasses coming up (registration is mandatory).

  • 14 September 2017 12:30- 16:30 (Oxford). More information and online registration found here. 
  • 23 November 2017 13:00 - 17:00 (London). More information and online registration found here.


As a result of a Masterclass, you will have a clear understanding of:

  • The roles of mentor and mentee.

  • How to establish and manage expectations.

  • How to deal with potential challenges during a mentoring relationship.

  • How to ask good questions and give and receive feedback.


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