Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a legacy gift in your will

Gifts in wills are an important source of income for the Academy of Medical Sciences. They protect biomedical and health research for the benefit of generations to come. The legacies of our generous supporters provides us with the long-term stability to nurture researchers, maintain our independent, expert voice to provide policy advice and champion science to improve lives.

By choosing to leave a gift in your will, you’ll continue to play a significant part in our efforts to create, and sustain, an open and progressive research sector to improve the health of people everywhere. After taking care of your loved ones, a gift in your will of any size – even just 1% - to the Academy can still have a lasting impact on the medical research community.

These generous gifts, often left in a will made many years before, will play an important role in our sustainability, allowing us to invest in health research to deliver scientific breakthroughs for better healthcare.

To leave a gift in your will to the Academy of Medical Sciences, you’ll need these details:

Charity name: Academy of Medical Sciences
Address: 41 Portland Place, London W1B 1QH
Registered charity number: 1185329

We are grateful to everyone who chooses to include a gift to the Academy of Medical Sciences in their will. We understand that your will is a private document, and we would never ask to know anything about your choice to leave us a gift from your estate.

If you would like to let us know about your decision or have any questions about leaving the Academy a gift in your will please contact our legacy fundraising manager, Sayara, on sayara.muthuveloe@acmedsci.ac.uk

Discover the difference a gift in your will could make for the Academy in our latest Impact report. 

Types of gifts

The two main types of gifts people usually consider leaving the Academy are:

Residuary Gift (a share of your estate)
After you have provided for your loves ones and taxes have been paid, you could choose to leave a share or the full remainder of your estate to the Academy. This means your estate is passed on to those you love as well as ensuring the work of the Academy into the future.
Many people choose to leave a residual gift as it keeps in line with inflation and doesn’t lose value over time.

Pecuniary Gift (an amount of cash)
You could choose to leave a specific sum of money from your estate which you have not already left to others. To ensure a fixed amount is not affected by inflation you can speak to a solicitor about index-linking your gift.

Other types of gifts people may leave are:

In Memoriam Donations
Instead of funeral flowers you can ask donations to be made in your memory to the Academy. We thank all individuals for their donations and for privacy we do not disclose gift amounts.

Specific Gift
This is a particular item of value such as a property, antiques, jewellery and shares.

Life Interest Gift
A life interest gift is a gift your chosen charity will receive once a trust benefiting someone else ends. For example, a property left for a spouse to continue to live in until they pass away, after which it is passed onto the Academy.

However you choose to support the Academy, please ensure that any instruction clearly includes our unique registered charity number 1185329 as this will ensure your gift arrives safely and promptly.

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