Leave a gift in your Will

We recognise that your loved ones will always come first, but if the time is ever right for you to consider leaving a gift in your Will to a charity, please consider leaving a gift to the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Pledging a gift in your Will provides valuable support for us to fulfil our unique role in ensuring pioneering research helps to improve health.

By supporting The Academy of Medical Sciences you will help tackle the challenges at the heart of biomedical research. Your donation will support us to attract and retain the best individuals in the workforce, secure essential funding for research, and provide expert advice to public policy makers.

A gift of even 1% of your Will ensures your loved ones are looked after, and can still leave a lasting impact on the medical research community.

Every gift in every Will, however large or small, makes a difference. We would be truly honoured to be part of your legacy.

You can leave a gift in your Will to the Academy by either:

  • Including a clause in your Will, you can add this clause when creating or changing your Will.
  • Completing a Codicil form, which allows you to add a clause to an existing Will at any time and becomes a legal document when signed in the presence of two adult witnesses (who are not relatives).
  • Writing a letter of wishes, which is not legally binding but can be easily edited and sent to the executors of your Will to express your wishes.

If you wish to leave a gift to the Academy, the only information you need to include in your Will about the Academy is our:

  • Registered charity number: 1185329
  • Name and address: The Academy of Medical Sciences, 41 Portland Place, London W1B 1QH

We would encourage you to discuss your Will with a qualified solicitor to ensure that all legal requirements are met and that your Will is valid.

Although we understand that Wills are sensitive and private, we would love to thank you for any gift included in a Will, and we would be delighted to hear about your plans.  Please be assured that you are under no obligation to donate to the Academy, and of course we understand that your intentions can change at any time.

If you would like more information please contact Kitty in our Fundraising Team: katherine.postlethwaite@acmedsci.ac.uk .