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To celebrate 20 years of the Academy in 2018, we created a snapshot of 20 of our biggest impacts. The Academy is most grateful to all of the supporters and partners who have contributed to and funded our work over the past 20 years, without whom none of this would be possible. Thank you.

#1 Fighting for job security for scientists

#2 More doctors doing research

#3 Igniting the power of mentoring

#4 Cracking the glass ceiling

#5 Funding research worldwide

#6 Cutting research red tape

#7 Moving science from ‘I’ to ‘we’

#8 Fostering global policy change

#9 Speaking up for embryo and animal research

#10 Helping data save lives

#11 Improving health of the public research

#12 Networking key players together

#13 Improving the lives of patients

#14 Helping the public make decisions about medicines

#15 Putting the public’s voice into science policy

#16 Quantifying the value of medical research

#17 Securing investment into research

#18 Influencing in Europe and beyond

#19 Building an influential brain trust

#20 Showcasing diversity

Celebrating our 20th anniversary with 20 firsts for the Academy

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