Artificial intelligence and health

The Academy of Medical Sciences, the Medical Research Council and the National Insitute for Health Research are convening a one-day roundtable on 'Artificial intelligence  and health' on 16 January 2019. 


The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on biomedical research and the healthcare system is likely to be substantial and potentially transformational. Benefits could include: improved efficiency of research and development processes, new methods of healthcare delivery, more informed clinical decision-making and empowerment of patients in managing their health. AI has already begun to be used in each of these areas, and as technology develops to further analyse complex datasets, so too will its scale of use.

On 16th January 2019, the Academy in partnership with the Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research, will be holding a roundtable chaired by Professor Jacqueline Hunter CBE FMedSci to explore the challenges and opportunities in AI-driven data analytics, in order to better define the research area and provide an overview of the scientific opportunities of the future. 

It will consider the priority research areas within the field of AI-based data analytics, which can be translated into healthcare benefits in the short to medium term. Specifically it will aim to:

  • Assess future research areas for AI-based data analytics that capture the value of biomedical and healthcare data for both novel and existing applications.
  • Explore the function and wider implications of the current collaboration models, including public-private partnerships and NHS partnerships, for the development and application of AI-based data analytic tools in healthcare and the medical sciences.
  • Discuss the development and retention of skills for AI-based data analytics.
  • Consider aspects related to research quality, software/algorithm transparency and standards, including of publication, and whether there is scope for improvement.

A report of the meeting will be published in due course. 

For further details, please visit our event page.

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