InterAcademy Partnership for Health

Network of the world's medical Academies


The InterAcademy Partnership for Health (IAP for Health) is a global network of medical Academies and medical sections of Academies of science and engineering. It currently has over 70 member Academies.

IAP for Health aims to strengthen the capacity of Academies to enable scientists to provide evidence to governments on health and science policy. The network achieves this in several ways by:

  • Encouraging the formation of Academies in countries where none exist.
  • Facilitating interactions between individual national Academies.
  • Running programmes to increase scientists’ ability to address science policy, and issuing statements on health issues of global concern

The Academy is a member of IAP for Health and we were elected to its Executive Committee (EC) in August 2013. The EC oversees the network’s strategy and activities. Our Foreign Secretary represents us at EC meetings, the General Assembly and other events.

Prior to March 2016, the network was known as the InterAcademy Medical Panel (IAMP) but has since rebranded to cooperate more closely under an InterAcademy Partnership banner with it's sister networks, IAP for Science and IAP for Research.

We were delighted to host the Spring Executive Committee meeting at our headquarters in London, which took place in April 2015. Delegates also enjoyed a tour of the museum of the Royal College of Physicians, an evening dinner, and social media training with the Academy's Communications team.

Recent examples of IAP for Health work include a statement on combating antimicrobial resistance, the Young Physician Leaders Programme, and a call for action on hearing loss. The Academy previously led on the development of a statement on the health co-benefits of mitigating climate change by IAP for Health (then known as IAMP). 

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