The Federation of European Academies of Medicine

The Academy is a member of FEAM, the pan-European body of medical Academies and medical sections of science and engineering Academies.


The Federation of European Academies of Medicine, or FEAM, represents the medical Academies and medical sections of Academies of science and engineering in Europe.

It currently has 19 member Academies, including ours.  FEAM’s role is to:

  • Promote cooperation between national Academies.
  • Provide a collective voice on a wide range of issues in biomedical sciences that underpin EU policies.
  • Provide the European authorities with an advisory body with Europe-wide expertise on biomedical sciences.

Recent work has focused on addressing regulatory issues that relate to the conduct of biomedical science in Europe. FEAM run events focussing on important biomedical topics such as vaccine uptake, one health and ageing. They also run the European Biomedical Policy Forum and are a member of SAPEA, part of the science advice mechanism to the European Commission.

Professor George Griffin FMedSci, represents the Academy on FEAM’s Council and is the current President.

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