#20 Showcasing diversity

To celebrate the Academy’s 20th birthday, we have put together a snapshot of 20 of our biggest impacts. To find out more about our 20th celebrations and our future plans, read this blog by our President Professor Sir Robert Lechler, and follow #AMS20 on social media.

The Academy would like to thank all our funders, partners and collaborators, without whom none of this work would be possible.


#20 Showcasing diversity

“Achieving a healthy work-life balance and the importance of interests outside work are topics that really resonate with readers of Nature’s careers section; the Academy’s MedSciLife campaign has really helped to highlight this issue. The campaign images are also great (we were allowed to use one in a very popular June 2018 feature on scientists’ hobbies), and seeing them line the stairwell of the Academy’s London HQ makes a very powerful statement.”

David Payne, Chief Careers Editor, Nature

The Academy’s MedSciLife campaign has reached hundreds of thousands of researchers worldwide through our website, events, media coverage and social media campaign. This has helped to showcase the diversity of our biomedical and health research community and celebrate how our differences make us stronger.

The campaign has been picked up by national UK medical outlets such as the Lancet and Nature Careers, with the MedSciLife-inspired article on work-life balance becoming one of Nature’s top-performing articles of 2018.

To find out more about our work, visit our homepage. To support the work of the Academy, see our dedicated Support us webpage.


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