Holly Rogers - Head of Engagement

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Holly has been at the Academy since 2012, and leads on much of the Academy's public engagement, dialogue and digital communications work.

Previous projects have included The Departure Lounge, Our data-driven future in healthcare, How can we all best use evidence?, MedSciLife and many more, as well as developing the Academy's web and social media presence. She is particularly interested in how we can include diverse public and patient voices in policymaking.

Previously, she has worked at the Science Media Centre and the Royal Society of Chemistry. She has degrees in both Chemistry and Science Communication from the University of Sheffield. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and exercise classes.

From idea to impact: embracing entrepreneurship in the life sciences

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Mentoring Masterclass - November 2023

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2023 FORUM Sir Colin Dollery Lecture: How to innovate in health – applying implementation sciences

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