Horizon scanning workshop - Leeds

13.00, Thursday 08 March 2018

Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds

Beckett Street, Leeds

The Academy of Medical Sciences is undertaking a horizon scanning project to identify key areas of scientific research and innovation for the future.

This is one of six half-day workshops at locations around the UK, bringing together Academy Fellows, grant awardees and forward-thinking experts from a range of backgrounds. Together, we will ask them to  think forward to the year 2048 to explore what might become the most transformative areas of scientific research and innovation, and how they might affect society. The outputs from the Academy's horizon scanning project will inform our work both in the UK and internationally, including policy, future scientific meetings, and collaborations with medical researchers, funders and other stakeholders.

Theme: Linking mental and physical health for personalised therapies

"Mental health is affected by devices, school, work and other environments. Campaigners are concerned about the limited availability of effective mental health therapies. Mental health problems can exacerbate physical illnesses. The mind-body interface is a new frontier for personalised therapy of physical and mental health problems. Personalised treatment can increase effectiveness and adherence."

Themes for the workshops have been identified using the Academy’s horizon scanning survey of over 600 Fellows and grant awardees. However, participants are not expected to be experts in these areas - instead we welcome the diversity of opinion people bring by approaching discussions from a range of backgrounds and expect that through the interdisclinary discussions at the workshops, new priorities and ideas will emerge. 

Other information

Other workshops will take place in Edinburgh, BirminghamManchester, Cambridge and Brighton (wild workshop). Click on the locations for details on each workshop. Click on the locations for more details. A limited number of bursaries to cover costs for all workshops are available.

For more information about this project’s activities - including details on the initial survey, themes and other workshops -  please visit the horizon scanning project page.

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