Horizon Scanning

In 2017-18, the Academy undertook a horizon scanning project to identify key areas of scientific research and innovation for the future.


Since its formation in 1998, the Academy of Medical Sciences has sought to support excellence within a rapidly developing scientific environment. To ensure we can remain at the cutting edge of medical sciences and its related fields, in 2017-18, the Academy undertook a programme of horizon scanning.

We asked our Fellows, grant awardees, and close collaborators to think forward to the year 2048 (50 years after the formation of the Academy) to help us speculate about the most transformative areas of scientific research and innovation, what they will be and what they will do for society.

The horizon scanning project involved a survey of over 600 Fellows and Academy grant awardees, to identify the most promising areas of research and innovation. The second stage of the project was a series of six half day workshops across the UK, where forward-thinking discussions between a range of participants allowed more detailed exploration of transformative areas and their wider impacts for society. 

For additional information about this project’s activities please see the tabs at the top of this page.

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