Science of violence

Symposium exploring the science of violence


Violence is a matter of national concern. The resulting injuries are as much issues of public health as criminal justice. Research into violence can provide understanding that helps to prevent it and diminish the harm that it causes.

All too often criminological research into violence lacks the methodological rigour of medical research. A scientific approach to the study of violence from a health perspective that applies quantitative public health and epidemiological methodology would enrich understanding of its causes, correlates and prevention.

In October 2006 The Academy of Medical Sciences held a meeting that offered a rare opportunity to bring together biomedical scientists, policy-makers, legal professionals, the media, the general public and law enforcers to discuss ways in which the epidemiological, medical and public health sciences could contribute to the evidence-base underpinning policy making about violence.

The Academy later used the conclusions of this meeting to help provide evidence for the Office of Science and Innovation's review of the use of science in the Home Office. 

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