Equality and diversity

The Academy of Medical Sciences is committed to working towards diversity and equality of opportunity both in the organisation, practices and work of the Academy, and in the wider academic workforce.

Our commitment applies to every sphere of Academy activity. We strive to ensure that no individual or group is treated more or less favourably than others on the grounds of ethnicity, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion or belief.

We are serious about learning both from our successes and our failures, and believe that transparency is key for sector-wide improvement. We therefore publish an openly available annual diversity report spanning all our activities. Learn more about our approach in this short video and accompanying blog, based on a talk we gave for the Association of Medical Research Charities.



The Academy is delighted to have been awarded the Royal Society's 2018 Athena Prize - awarded biannually to those who have contributed most to the advancement of diversity within their scientific communities - for our work to increase gender diversity in the media. Motivated by the lack of women experts in the media, we developed a unique, hands-on media training programme which includes access to long-term support and media opportunities - read more.

If you would like to comment or give us feedback, please contact Nick Hillier, Director of Communications, at nick.hillier@acmedsci.ac.uk. We will always listen with an openness and willingness to learn how to do things better.

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