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Treating influenza

In October 2015, the Academy and Wellcome Trust published a report exploring the scientific evidence around the treatment of influenza.

Status: Completed

Following discussion with the Department of Health, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Wellcome Trust convened a steering group to prepare a report on the treatment of influenza. The steering group’s final report is available for download on the right-hand side of this page.

To inform the report, a small group of experts were brought together for an all-day advisory workshop on 24 February. The first half of the event focused on reviewing recent scientific evidence for the use of existing antivirals in response to seasonal and pandemic influenza. The second half explored research priorities and methodological improvements, as well as the development and implications of resistance, including the pipeline of new treatments.

The steering group, chaired by Professor Sir Patrick Sissons FMedSci, developed the workshop agenda and produced the final report, which combines discussions at the workshop with a wider consideration of the available evidence.

A document of supplementary material containing the following is also available to download:

  • Summaries of recent key studies, as provided by their authors.
  • A series of slides, presented at the workshop by Professor Frederick Hayden (Professor of Medicine, University of Virginia), offering an overview of the products in development and prospects for future therapies.
  • Post-workshop comments from Professor Carl Heneghan (Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford), and from Roche, the manufacturers of oseltamivir.

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