The developing brain in health and disease: a scientific meeting

The Academy of Medical Sciences is convening a novel scientific meeting on the developing brain over two days, 19 -20 March 2019.

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9.00, Tuesday 19 March - 17.00, Wednesday 20 March 2019
Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, OX2 6QA

Livestream available:

Chairs: Professor Sir Michael Owen FMedSci FLSW and Professor Kate Storey FMedSci FRSE

The Academy of Medical Sciences is convening a two-day scientific meeting to explore key areas of neurodevelopmental research in a unique forum that promotes discussion and collaboration between disciplines, career stages and sectors.

The neurodevelopmental causes of diseases such as autism, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders are increasingly recognised. These diseases have significant impacts on patient lives, and treatments (where they exist) are life-long. Understanding brain development and the factors that can influence and impair it is a rapidly expanding field of research.

The meeting will bring together an interdisciplinary mix of researchers, from world leading scientists to early career researchers, as well as other key players in the field, such as funders and industry. One of the key aims will be to highlight the latest advances in neurodevelopmental research and identify key research questions that could bring a real impact to the field. There will be a strong focus on nurturing the next generation of researchers by fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations and engagement with more established researchers.

We encourage early career researchers from all backgrounds interested in interdisciplinary research in the neurodevelopmental field to attend this meeting.

Our keynote speakers are:

  • Professor Arnold Kriegstein, Director of the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Program at UCSF
    Talk: 'The evolution of brain development – mechanisms underlying the human-specific increase in brain size and complexity'
  • Dr. Susan Weiss, Director of the Division of Extramural Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) 
    Talk: 'Big science approaches to the study of developing brain – how to best harness existing opportunities?'
  • Professor Peter Jones FMedSci, Deputy Head, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge
    Talk: ‘Influence of the environment in the developing brain: Implications for mental health’
  • Professor Daniel Geschwind, Director of the Centre for Autism Research and Treatment at UCLA
    Talk: ‘Neurodevelopmental disorders: Integrative omics approaches and beyond’

A full  agenda is available to download on the right hand side of this page.

Financial contributions towards the project

Alzheimer's Research UK, the Company of Biologists, F1000 Research, the Guarantors of  Brain, the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience, the Loulou Foundation, Peak Labs and the Wellcome Trust have kindly provided financial contributions towards this meeting. The remaining costs were funded from the Academy of Medical Sciences’ Development Fund.

The Development Fund is supported by the Academy’s Helix Group of individual donors who contribute £250 a year or more to support our important work.  To learn more about the Helix Group or other ways to support the Academy, including leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Lauren at




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