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This report, published in March 2016, examined the current incentives and disincentives for individual researchers participating in ‘team science’, and how to improve reward and recognition for their contributions. 

Undertaking Follow Up

'Team science’ is becoming increasingly common across all fields of research. Teams spanning different specialties/disciplines and geographical centres are often needed to tackle contemporary research questions in biomedical science. It is therefore important to facilitate researchers to gain maximum benefit from their participation in ‘team science’. However, current recognition frameworks do not always adequately capture or celebrate individuals’ contributions to ‘team science’ projects.

This project aimed to understand the current incentives and disincentives for researchers participating – or considering participation – in ‘team science’. As part of this process, we looked at how individuals can be appropriately rewarded and recognised for their contributions when working as part of a team.

As part of this, the Academy of Medical Sciences conducted an independent study into these issues to inform future policy within and beyond the UK. The study was led by an expert Working Group, and particularly engaged with researchers, publishers, employers and funders - including those funders undertaking research assessment exercises.   

The Working Group collected written evidence in late 2014 and engaged with a wide range of stakeholder groups to develop the conclusions and policy recommendations in the report, which was published in March 2016. 

Two years on from the launch of the report, the Academy will be holding a follow-up meeting in June 2018 to consider developments in this period and how best to support team science in the future. Please send an email to for further information. 

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