Multiple morbidities as a global health challenge

The Academy is exploring the profile and impact of multiple morbidities in low resource settings.

Status: Completed

The Academy drew together a cross-disciplinary group of experts for a small roundtable in October 2015, to explore the profile and impact of multiple morbidities in low resources settings, and the role that research and evidence can play in tackling this global health challenge.

Health challenges in low resource settings are becoming increasingly complex. Infectious diseases remain an issue, but we are also seeing a significant rise in the incidence of non-communicable diseases, including mental health problems, and in population ageing. All of these factors indicate that multiple morbidities may present a huge future challenge in these settings. There is already discussion of how multiple morbidities will impact high income nations, however, little attention has been given to the future challenge of multiple morbidities in low income settings.

This initial meeting was intended to help direct and inform possible further work by the Academy in this area, and the report of the meeting is available to download from this page.

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