Joint Statement on EU funding for stem cell and reproductive health research

Academy supports statement on EU funding for stem cell and reproductive health research

Status: Completed

The joint statement on stem cell and reproductive health research calls on the European Parliament and European Commission to oppose the ‘One of Us’ Citizen’s Initiative that is seeking a ban on all financing of activities that presuppose the destruction of human embryos, including stem cell research.  Such a ban would have a negative impact on research involving human embryos for regenerative medicine, reproductive health and genetic disease.

Stem cell research continues to be one of the most promising fields of biomedical research that offers the opportunity to greatly improve the health of European citizens. Any move to restrict research using embryos will threaten this position, and prevent researchers developing vital treatments for patients.

The joint statement is supported by 33 institutions from across Europe, including the Academy. It was published in April 2014, ahead of a debate in the European Parliament.

Further information, including a background Q&A, is available from the Wellcome Trust.

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