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Addressing the global challenge of multimorbidity: Lessons from the BRICS countries

The Academy of Medical Sciences convened a policy workshop on multimorbidity in the BRICS countries in London on the 27-28 March 2017.

Status: Completed

This policy workshop, chaired by Professor Stephen MacMahon FMedSci, considered the burden of multimorbidity in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) countries and the UK and asked how we can achieve a more coherent and consistent approach to defining, researching and addressing multimorbidity.

Following the workshop, a written report was produced and disseminated to UK and BRICS stakeholders with key recommendations of next steps to address multimorbidity in the BRICS countries.

The report can be downloaded from the downloads tab on the right hand side of this page or by clicking on this image.


The workshop brought together experts and evidence from BRICS countries, UK and other countries on the prevalence, burden (including cost and health impacts) and determinants of multimorbidity. Participants identified gaps in our knowledge and associated research priorities through a review of the evidence available and considered how health systems are dealing with multimorbidity by discussing key challenges and the costs and financing issues associated with multimorbidity in BRICS countries.

The workshop formed an important part of evidence collection for the Academy to inform its working group on multimorbidity.

To read more about the Academy's wider work on multimorbidity, the challenges posed by this issue and to find some helpful resources visit our Multimorbidity website hub

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This workshop is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund that aims to support cutting-edge research that addresses the challenges faced by developing countries. Visit our GCRF webpage to read more about the fund. 

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