European policy work

The Academy seeks to engage with the EU policy process and inform decisions that affect UK medical research and the ability to collaborate across Member States.

Before and since the UK referendum on leaving the European Union, we have been in constant contact with policy makers about how to safeguard biomedical research after Britain leaves the EU. Working with influential partners, we have produced an extensive array of statements, consultation responses and research, and we have held regular meetings with Ministers and senior officials. For information on our Brexit activities, please visit our dedicated page on Research and the European Union.

We also work with policymakers to ensure that the UK’s position on EU policy issues facilitates future medical research, for instance the use of patient data in research,. 

We have worked alongside the Federation for European Academies of Medicine (FEAM) for many years. We helped FEAM to secure funding to recruit more staff and carry out a strategic review, in turn leveraging investment from other European medical academies. We worked together to ensure FEAM’s policy work on the EU Clinical Trials Directive in 2010 was informed by the UK position, and alerted decision makers to the potential negative impact of the EU Data Protection Regulation in 2015. We also working closely with FEAM and other European National Academies to support the Scientific Advice Mechanism for Europe and the contribution of the Academy networks through SAPEA.

Some of our recent work has included:

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