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President's response to data sharing with Europe

On 17th June 2021 it was announced that EU Member states have voted unanimously in favour of the adequacy decision on the UK data protection regime issued by the Article 93 Committee.

In response to this announcement our President, Professor Dame Anne Johnson PMedSci, said:

“This is excellent news for the UK health and medical community. Allowing the flow of personal data to continue post-Brexit will ensure that crucial scientific and medical research can continue to deliver benefit to patients.

“With just 13 days to go until the interim EU-UK data sharing agreement expired, we were in danger of falling off a cliff edge. This decision is critical to maintain the flow of data between the UK and EU, as long as it is implemented effectively by 30th June.

“I am pleased that this decision addresses many of the concerns raised so eloquently by both the UK and EU health sector.  Had this decision not been made now, data flow would have been stopped and the impact of this would have been felt across the entire healthcare sector, without exception and during an unprecedented global pandemic.

“This decision is vital for the functioning of the European health sector as it influences everything from the delivery of cross border health and social care to governing how health data is securely shared for research purposes.

“The key next step is to ensure implementation before 30th June to ensure the efficacy and application of this positive outcome for patients and research in both regions.”


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