UK Young Academy announces first members

67 members selected from across disciplines to provide voice for change in new UK-wide Young Academy 

UK and Ireland National Academies have today [10 January] announced the first members of the new UK-wide Young Academy – a network of early career researchers and professionals established to help tackle local and global issues and promote meaningful change. 

Professor Dame Anne Johnson PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences said: 

"We are very pleased to be working alongside our partner academies to establish the UK Young Academy. Warmest congratulations to the first cohort of appointed members, who will be instrumental in driving the direction of this exciting initiative. We look forward to engaging with this hugely talented and diverse group of scholars, innovators and leaders, and to collaborating with the UKYA to tackle some of the critical problems, challenges and opportunities that face our society."  

The UK Young Academy’s first cohort brings together members from across academia, charity organisations and the private sector, to galvanise their skills, knowledge, and experience to find innovative solutions to the challenges facing societies now and in the future. Members are from across the UK, with 13% from Scotland, 7% from Wales, 5% from Northern Ireland and 75% from across areas in England. 49% of the cohort are women, and 34% are from minority ethnic backgrounds.  

The successful candidates include researchers, innovators, clinicians, professionals and entrepreneurs who have each made significant contributions to their field, while going above and beyond to make an impact outside of their main areas of work. 

The first cohort of the UK Young Academy will have the opportunity to shape the strategy and focus of this new organisation, tapping into their collective knowledge and expertise to inform local and global policy discussions. 

Strategic themes and objectives will be determined by members based on areas that matter to them. Discussions on their key priorities will kick off at an induction event held at the Royal Society in January 2023 and will be finalised over the coming year – members have already expressed interest in areas from climate change and sustainability to equality, diversity and inclusion, public health, education and skills, and supporting early career researchers. 

The UK Young Academy has been established as an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Learned Society of Wales, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Irish Academy, Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Royal Society. It joins the global initiative of Young Academies, with the UK Young Academy becoming the 50th to join the Young Academy movement. 

The call for members to the UK Young Academy in June 2022 received over 400 applicants from a variety of sectors including Life Sciences, Physical, Engineering and Computer Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Business, Public Service and Communications. The members were chosen by a panel of 65 reviewers, including an Appointments Committee. 

The successful applicants officially took up their posts on 1 January 2023, and membership runs for 5 years. 

Full list of members: 

Sean Adams 

Professor in New Testament and Ancient Culture 

University of Glasgow 

 Abigail Agyei 
Senior Policy Advisor – Early Years Workforce Capability 
Department of Health and Social Care 

 Ralph Akyea 

Senior Research Fellow (Clinical Epidemiology) 
University of Nottingham 

 Jahangir Alom 

Emergency Medicine Doctor and Former Clinical Lead for the NHS Staff Vaccination Programme Barts Health NHS Trust 

 Alexandra Amon 

Senior Kavli Research Fellow (Astrophysics) 

University of Cambridge 

 Muhammad Naeem Anwar 

Royal Society-Newton International Fellow (Physics) 

Swansea University 

 Michael Berthaume 

Senior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering and Design) 

London South Bank University 

 Ana Blanco Alvarez 

Senior Lecturer in Infrastructure Engineering 

Loughborough University 

 Amy Booth 

Medical Doctor and DPhil Candidate 

University of Oxford 

 Alice Bowen 

Royal Society/EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow and University of Manchester Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellow (Chemistry) 

University of Manchester 

 Ruth Bowness 

Lecturer/MRC Fellow (Mathematical Sciences) 

University of Bath 

 Katrina Bradley 

Teacher and Company Director 


 Igor Chernyavsky 

Presidential Academic Fellow (Applied Mathematics) 

University of Manchester 

 Karen Donaldson 

Project Manager 
The National Robotarium 

 Rhys Dore 

Paediatric Doctor and NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow of Paediatrics 

Barts Health NHS Trust and University College London 

 Brian Earp 

Senior Research Fellow (Practical Ethics)  

University of Oxford 

 Rosa Filgueira 

Lecturer (Computer Sciences)  

University of St Andrews 

 Tom Fleming 

Co-Founder & COO 


 Andrea Ford 

Research Fellow (Medical and Cultural Anthropology) 

University of Edinburgh 

 Sivaneswary Genapathy 

Associate Principal Scientist 


 Daniel Greenwood 

Clinical Pharmacist and Consultant 

 Joseph Harvey 

Substation Engineer 

National Grid 

 Chiara Heide 

CEO & Founder 

P.Happi by B.Y.M. Technologies Ltd. 

 David Hester 

Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering 

Queen's University Belfast 

 Eleanore Hickman 

Lecturer (Corporate Law, Governance and Finance) 

University of Bristol 

 Andrew Holding 

Lecturer (Cancer Biology)  
University of York 

 Yihua Hu 

Reader (Electrical Engineering) 

University of York 

 Barbara Hughes-Moore 

Lecturer in Law 

Cardiff University 

 Anthony Kevins 

Lecturer in Politics and International Studies 

Loughborough University 

 Rebecca Killick 

Professor (Statistics) 

Lancaster University 

 Abdalrhaman Mohamed Koko 

Higher Research Scientist 

National Physical Laboratory 

 Saloni Krishnan 

Reader (Psychology) 

Royal Holloway, University of London 

 Peter Kwok


UK Federation of Chinese Professionals 

 Mato Lagator 

Independent Research Fellow (Bacterial Evolution) 

University of Manchester 

 Mengyao Lu 

Research Fellow (Child Safety) 

University of Edinburgh 

 Jane Masoli 

Senior Clinical Research Fellow 

University of Exeter/Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 

 Alistair McConnell 

Assistant Professor in Computer Science 

Heriot-Watt University 

 Sophie Meekings 

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow (Psychology) 

University of York 

 Gerardo Javier Melendez-Torres 

Professor of Clinical and Social Epidemiology 

University of Exeter 

 Aditee Mitra 

Research Fellow (Marine Ecology) 

Cardiff University 

 Victoria Miyandazi 

Research Fellow (Legal and Constitutional Research) 

University of St Andrews 

 Isabel Moore 

Reader in Human Movement and Sports Medicine 

Cardiff Metropolitan University 

 Kinga Morsanyi 

Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Cognition 

Loughborough University 

 Xavier Moya 

Assistant Professor (Materials Science and Metallurgy) 

University of Cambridge 

 Denis Newman-Griffis 

Lecturer in Data Science 

University of Sheffield 

 Linda Oyama 

Lecturer in Microbiomics, Antimicrobial Resistance and One Health 

Queen’s University Belfast 

 Alina Patelli 

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science 

Aston University 

 John-Mark Philo 

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow (Early-Modern Culture) 

University of East Anglia 

 Charles Maurice Pigott 

Lecturer – Hispanic Studies 

University of Strathclyde 

 Sarah Pike 

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow (Organic Chemistry) 

University of Birmingham 

 Amit Narahar Pujari 

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering 

University of Hertfordshire (Honorary appointment at University of Aberdeen) 

 Edward Pyzer-Knapp 

Global Lead, AI Enriched Simulation 


 Richard Randle-Boggis 

Research Associate (Global Sustainability) 

University of Sheffield 

 Mirain Rhys 

Senior Lecturer, Psychology 

Cardiff Metropolitan University 

 Ricardo Safra de Campos 

Senior Lecturer in Human Geography 

University of Exeter 

 Fatemeh Shahbazi  

Assistant Professor (Engineering)  

University of Warwick 

 Katie Sheehan 

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Senior Lecturer Rehabilitation/Health Services  

King's College London 

 Abhay Soorya 

Senior Director, Strategic Solutions 

C3 AI 

 Christopher Stewart 

Research Fellow (Microbial Ecology) 

Newcastle University 

 Ahmad Taha 

Lecturer and Assistant Professor (Autonomous Systems) 

University of Glasgow 

 Catarina Vicente 

Science Strategy and Projects Manager / Official Fellow in Public Engagement with Research 

University of Oxford 

 Amy Vincent 

Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow (Mitochondrial Research) 

Newcastle University 

 Fiona Walport 

Research Fellow (Civil and Environmental Engineering) 

Imperial College London 

 Vanissa Wanick 

Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design 

University of Southampton 

 Dominic Willmott 

Senior Lecturer in Criminology 

Loughborough University 

 Wenmiao Yu 

Co-Founder & Director of Business Development 

Quantum Dice Ltd. 

 Leor Zmigrod 

Research Fellow (Political Psychology and Neuroscience) 

University of Cambridge 


It is expected that the next call for applications will open in 2023. 



For more information about the launch of the UK Young Academy and to request interviews with spokespeople, please contact the Academy of Medical Sciences press office: 

Gaby Richter

Media and News Officer

07944 023132


Notes to editors 

Statistics about the 2023 membership: 

  • 13.43 % (9) members are from Scotland, 7.46% (5) from Wales, and 4.48% (3) from Northern Ireland; 74.63% (50) from England 
  • 49.3% (33) appointments have been awarded to women 
  • 16.4% (11) members identify as having a disability 
  • 34.3% (23) members from minority ethnic backgrounds 
  • 20.9% (14) members identify as LGBTQ+ 
  • 85.1% (57) members are from academia; 14.9% (10) members are from outside of academia, including private sector and charitable organisations.  

About the UK Young Academy 

The UK Young Academy connects and develops talented individuals in the early years of their career from a wide range of sectors so they can collaborate to make a difference in the world. 

It is part of a growing international initiative to give young, early-career innovators, professionals, academics and entrepreneurs a voice for the advancement of issues that are important to them. The UK Young Academy gives its members the chance to have their perspectives, knowledge and insights represented as part of the wider landscape of academic and professional bodies in the UK.  

The UK Young Academy was initially established following an agreement by the seven UK Academies – the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy, Learned Society of Wales, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Irish Academy, Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Royal Society. Working closely with the Global Young Academy and the Young Academy of Scotland, it was set up under the auspices of the Royal Society in 2022.  

The strategy and programme of work to be undertaken will be determined by the members of the UK Young Academy but it is hoped that there will be collaborations with other Young Academies across the world or alongside the established UK Academies. 

Find the UK Young Academy on Twitter (@UKYoungAcademy) and Linked In 

The UK Young Academy will be underpinned by a shared set of values including: 

  • Excellence – members will be outstanding in their own field. 
  • Transparency – there will be a clear leadership structure that is accountable and elected through transparent procedures. 
  • Integrity – members will maintain high standards of ethics in order to make a credible contribution to global issues. 
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion – a commitment towards attracting a diverse membership will be made, and members will commit to maintaining an inclusive and equal environment for all. 

Initial funding to establish the UK Young Academy has been provided by the UK Government’s Department of Business, Education and Industrial Strategy as part of their R&D People and Culture Strategy. 

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