Female doctors, scientists and engineers selected for SUSTAIN

Twenty-four participants have now been selected to take part in SUSTAIN, the Academy's flagship programme empowering female researchers to thrive in their independent research careers.

Female doctors, scientists and engineers have been selected from across the UK to take part in the third round of SUSTAIN. This is the first time that engineers have participated in the programme and we are delighted to have partnered with the Royal Academy of Engineering to make this possible.

SUSTAIN is a year-long programme that addresses the mounting evidence base showing that not enough female researchers in science are securing senior leadership posts in the UK. This forms part of the Academy's concerted effort to ensure women are appropriately supported along their career trajectory to enable them to secure those senior positions.

Evaluation of the pilot of SUSTAIN showed that participants particularly value the small cohort size. This ensures that training workshops become 'safe spaces' where participants are comfortable sharing personal stories and create a lasting peer support network. The Academy is committed to sharing the learning from developing and delivering SUSTAIN and regularly meets with organisations to advise on setting up similar programmes. 

There was a very high number of applications for SUSTAIN round 3, which were stratified and then selected by a computerised randomisation method. The 24 participants on SUSTAIN are Academy of Medical Sciences grant awardees alongside those of the Medical Research Council, the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering. 

The programme's launch will be marked by an evening Inspiring Women celebration on 7 March. If you would like to attend the celebration, please contact [email protected].

To learn more about SUSTAIN, please visit the Academy’s dedicated webpage, or read case studies from previous SUSTAIN participants here. If you want to learn more about how to set up a programme like SUSTAIN in your organisation, please get in touch at [email protected].

Participants on this round of SUSTAIN are:

Dr Karin Tuschl, UCL

Dr Samantha Terry, King's College London

Dr Sarah Alderson, University of Leeds

Dr Nisreen Alwan, University of Southampton

Dr Maud Lemoine, Imperial College London

Dr Jia Li, Imperial College London

Dr Lucy Davidson, Royal Veterinary College

Dr Karen Forbes, University of Leeds

Dr Julie Aspden, University of Leeds

Dr Kate Baker, University of Liverpool

Dr Gemma Nixon, University of Liverpool

Dr Helen Stagg, University of Edinburgh

Dr Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic, University of Oxford

Dr Huiling Tan, University of Oxford

Dr Catarina Veiga, UCL

Dr Melanie Jimenez, University of Glasgow

Dr Gemma Modinos, King's College London

Dr Jennifer Steeden, UCL

Dr Myriam Chimen, University of Birmingham

Dr Kirsti Ashworth, Lancaster University

Dr Jennifer Tomlinson, University of Leeds

Dr Yvonne Grunder, University of Liverpool

Dr Mahima Swamy, University of Dundee

Dr Eva Gluenz, University of Oxford.

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