Regional events: The Academy in Liverpool

In October 2022, we held a broad range of events in Liverpool to strengthen our connections in North West England and demonstrate our values of collaborating widely and being inclusive and actively seeking diversity in all forms, including location.

Our 10-year strategy sets the ambition to establish networks across the English regions and devolved nations of the UK, to connect and support biomedical and health researchers to work collaboratively. The events in Liverpool spanned two days and included the Academy’s first Council meeting outside of London. The events were held in hybrid, in-person and online formats, enabling our contacts and networks to take part from wherever they are based.

We are committed to supporting the researchers of today to develop the skills and expertise needed to excel as tomorrows research leaders. Our career development event provided an opportunity for researchers in Liverpool and beyond to learn how to communicate and connect beyond their sectors.

Three inspirational speakers discussed their own career backgrounds and gave advice on communicating with people with different skillsets or knowledge, and how to bring a range of people on board with you to achieve a shared goal.