New Regional Champions appointed

Following circulation to local Fellows of a call for interest in the Regional Champion roles during the early autumn, we are now pleased to announce the appointment of new representatives for East Anglia, Yorks & Humberside and the North West:

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald FMedSci  (University of Cambridge) has taken over from Professor Mary Dixon-Woods as Champion for East Anglia.

Professor David Beech FMedSci (University of Leeds), takes over from Professor Philip Quirke for Yorks & Humberside

Professor Dame Nicky Cullum FMedSci (University of Manchester) has been appointed Champion for the North West, taking over from Professor Jørgen Vestbo.

We sincerely thank those Champions completing their terms of office at this year's AGM and we look forward to working with our incoming and existing regional representatives as we continue to promote and encourage the Academy’s engagement with researchers across the breadth of the UK.

Rebecca, David and Nicky, who formally started their tenure at last week's AGM, will each serve a three year term of office. They will participate in the customary collective meeting for Champs in early 2021 and we look forward to hearing their ideas to help us increase the Academy’s reach.

View the full list of the Academy's Regional Champions here


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