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New Cabinet Position for Science: President's Reaction

Following the announcement of a new Government Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, Professor Dame Anne Johnson PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences said: 

“We welcome today’s news [Tuesday 7 February] that the Prime Minister has created a new Government Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

“Placing science at the heart of Government through a newly created Cabinet position is an important step in realising the UK’s ambitions to become a science superpower.

“In the Autumn Statement, the Government reasserted its commitment to put research at the centre of plans for growth. Research and development drives innovation, creates high-skilled jobs in high-growth industries and, importantly, improves the nation’s health.

“Building on the Government’s commitment to UK R&D, we urgently need to resolve and strengthen our position within the international funding landscape. The scientific community strongly believes that association to the Horizon Europe funding programme is best for research in the UK and in Europe, and will improve health for all. We urge the new Secretary of State to seize the opportunity to secure this outcome. It will send a strong message that the UK is open for business and remains a premier destination to work on health research that improves lives.”


This response was covered widely, including in the Independent and Evening Standard, and in over 160 national and regional outlets. The call to secure association to Horizon Europe was covered in the Guardian.

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