Life after Departure

The Academy is working to encourage conversations about death and dying after The Departure Lounge through a flatpack version of its innovative engagement event.

As part of the Academy's ongoing project to encourage more open and honest conversation around dying, we are offering individuals and organisations around the UK the chance to use a flatpack version of 'The Departure Lounge' to engage with people about research and stories surrounding end-of-life care. 

Developed with The Liminal Space, the flatpack will offer resources to generate conversations around death and dying within local communities. Theses flatpacks can be used on their own or as part of a wider event.

Information on the contents of the flatpack will be added to this page as the kit develops, but it will contain a selection of decorative items, conversation prompts and materials to collect views from the public.  There will also be the chance to work with one of our trained facilitators, who may be able to attend your event. 

The flatpack will be free to use, and the Academy can also offer up to £250 to support costs for putting on these events. Dowloadable materials will also be available from the Departure Lounge website in the event of damage or depeletion. No training is required to use the kits, but organisers will be asked to complete and return a short evaluation activity.

The first recipients of the flatpack kit will be notified by the end of March, and kits will be distributed from the end of April onwards. Event organisers are encouraged to use the kits during Dying Matters Awareness Week, but we understand many events will happen later in the year. We ask for all kits to be used by December 2019.

The application period for flatpacks has now ended. However there may be opportunities to recieve a flatpack. For further information or any information you may have regarding the flatpack kits, contact Jonathan Cooke.

Find out more about the Departure Lounge and other ways to get involved on our dedicated web page.

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