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Academy welcomes news of UK's association to Horizon Europe

The Academy of Medical Sciences wholeheartedly welcomes the news that the UK will be associating to the Horizon Europe research programme through a bespoke new agreement with the EU and that UK researchers and innovators can participate fully from today.

Association to Horizon Europe has been our top policy aim since the Brexit referendum took place in 2016 and the scientific community has spoken out repeatedly to highlight that association is the best outcome for research in the UK and in Europe. What is good for research is also good for the health of people everywhere. Patients and the public in the UK, and around the world, will benefit from researchers in the UK and EU freely collaborating through Horizon Europe.

In response to the news, Professor Paul Stewart FMedSci, Academy of Medical Sciences Vice President, Clinical, said:

“Today marks a pivotal moment for UK science. After a hiatus, the scientific community is celebrating the tremendous news that we are once more part of the EU’s flagship funding programme.

“By associating to Horizon Europe, we now have the commitment and momentum to drive forward the Government’s vision for an innovative, high growth future and are well placed to support the diverse and highly skilled research talent that underpins our life sciences sector.

“Health research is an international endeavour, it relies on supporting the best ideas, but also on creating cross-border networks which is good news for the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Association sends a very strong message that the UK is open for business and remains a prime destination to work on health research and innovation to improve lives.”

The Academy of Medical Sciences, the British Academy, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Society issued a joint statement on the UK’s association to Horizon Europe:

“This is a great day for researchers in the UK and across Europe. The Horizon programme is a beacon of international collaboration and UK-based academic and industrial researchers will now be back at the heart of that.

“Research is vital to tackling the key problems we face, from global challenges such as climate change to driving productivity growth and creating new jobs locally. Our involvement in Horizon Europe will make the UK stronger and is a big win for global research and innovation.”


The Academy's response from Professor Paul Stewart was picked up by iNews, the Independent, the BMJ, Yahoo! News, the Evening Standard and Sky News, which was syndicated across over 30 local radio stations and online outlets.

The joint Academies statement was covered by the Electronic Specifier and UK Time News, the National Health Executive, as well as 13 other online outlets.

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