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Apparent loss of £1.6bn of R&D funding: President's response

Following the news that The Treasury has reportedly taken back £1.6bn that was allocated to research, Professor Dame Anne Johnson PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, said:

“The Government’s promise to place science at the heart of decision-making and growth plans now feels very hollow. The apparent loss of £1.6 billion of funding previously ringfenced for R&D is a major backtrack on the assurances made to the research community. This undermines the credibility of the Government’s ambitions for science and will have significant ramifications for the sector, including industry and the NHS.

“Diminishing this funding and inaction over Horizon Europe risks long-lasting damage to UK science, skills, collaboration, productivity, health, and ambitions for economic growth. Talented researchers are not incentivised to come, or stay, in the UK and the Government is risking further damage to the UK’s reputation on the international stage.

“We call on the Secretary of State to provide clarity on monies lost and how her Department sees this action as compatible with placing UK science at the heart of the nation’s plans for productivity and growth. The Government urgently needs to rebuild the confidence of the science community that the remaining funding commitments and ambitions for science are genuine, including reassurance that there is budget for future association to Horizon Europe.”



This response was covered by PharmaPhorum.

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