5 most watched talks of 2018

Catch up on our five most popular videos from 2018.  

We film early career researchers, lecturers and Fellows when they speak at our events, as well as releasing specifc videos for policy reports and key projects. Find out which videos were our most watched of 2018 below, or catch up in full on our YouTube channel:

5. Mind-body interface & bioelectronic medicine | Professor Kevin Tracey

The Academy of Medical Sciences 2017 FORUM Lecture, delivered by Professor Kevin Tracey, explored how the brain communicates with the immune system, and how new implants may revolutionise the treatment of many diseases through altering these electrical signals. .

4. Planetary health: protecting global health on a rapidly changing planet | Dr Sam Myers

The 2017 International Health Lecturer explores how human impacts on natural systems have implications across nearly every dimension of human health and suggests ways to protect future generations.

3. What is the link between joint hypermobility and anxiety? | Dr Jessica Eccles

Academy grant awardee Dr Jessica Eccles explains her research into the connection between joint hypermobility and anxiety, and how she hopes to  use this to help develop more personalised and effective treatments.

2. The Science of Ageing | Professor Dame Linda Partridge

Ageing, because of its complexity, has long been regarded as intractable to experimental analysis and medical intervention. Professor Dame Linda Partridge explains new research that could overturn this pessimistic view.

1. Preparing for your first mentoring meeting - a webinar with Dr Amy Iversen

What topics should you discuss in your first mentoring session? Are there any 'rules' that both mentor and mentee should follow? This webinar provides an overview of key points that mentees and mentors should consider in their first meeting, and how to establish and manage expectations.

These five talks were recorded for the Academy of Medical Sciences - watch our full array of talks and lecture on our YouTube channel.

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