South West Special Lecture - Development and homeostasis of the enteric nervous system

13.15, Tuesday 26 June 2018

University of Bath, Bath

The Pavilion, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, Building 4 South

South West Regional Champion Professor Jonathan Slack FMedSci invites Dr Vassilis Pachnis FRS FMedSci, Research Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute, to deliver a special lecture on his work on the development and homeostasis of the enteric nervous system.

All welcome.

Dr Vassilis Pachnis and his team study how the nervous system develops and how its organisation and function are maintained in adult animals. Dr Pachnis explains: “The enteric nervous system is an exceedingly complex neural network with many types of neurons and glial cells but no obvious topographic organisation. We wish to determine how meaningful functional output (gut physiology) emerges from an apparently disordered neural network (the enteric nervous system).”

Dr Pachnis is a leading international figure in research on the development of the mammalian nervous system. Landmark work from his laboratory has identified molecular components of signalling pathways that have a critical role in the development of the enteric nervous system and the inhibitory circuits of the mammalian cortex.

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